Twenty-third Annual
High School Science Bowl
Saturday, November 9, 2002
The University of Tennessee at Martin
Sponsored by
Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society* (SAACS)




Students in Assigned Rooms
in Johnson EPS Building

 Written Test


  Johnson EPS Room G-2

 Refreshments, &
A Green Chemistry Presentation for the teachers (photo).

 10:30 & 11:15

 Johnson EPS Room 204

Physics and Chemistry


Boling Center Lobby

Post Winners' List &
Presentation of Prizes* *by Dr. Nick Dunagan, Chancellor

 1:30 to 4:00

 Boling University Center
Rooms 206 & 230

Bowl Games

 4 PM

Boling Center Room 230

Dr. Tom Rakes, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

*SAACS: Officers: Micheal W. Fultz, president; Selena M. Parnell, Vice President; Rebekah Kirkpatrick, Secretary; Andrew R. Bernard, Treasurer; & Dr. S. K. Airee, Faculty Advisor

**Handbooks of Chemistry and Physics for top 8 schools and T-Shirts to the highest score from each school.
***Permanent trophies to champion and runner-up high schools, and appropriate medallions to the members of the top four teams in the bowl games.

For rules please click Science Bowl RulesClick here for the program and results of the last bowl


SAACS Group Leaders

 Group, Room
School ID & Name

 High School Teachers


Sarah K. Allen
Andrew Bernard
Emily Bethart
Jennifer D. Beckmn
Erich A. Bitzer
jeff D. Blue

Group I, G-7


105 Brighton

107 Camden

109 Creek Wood

111 Dresden



Jinx Rasmussen

Linda Phelps

Phil Chadwick

Linda Morris

Amber J. Bobbe
April M. Bunch
Alisha J. Clark
Ross Clark
Dan Comer

Group II, 103

113 Germantown

115 Giles Co

117 Gleason

119 Greenfield


Sueanne Sprunger

Jean Bryan

Betty Jackson

Sandra Bethel

David B. Dean
Micheal Fultz
Matthew S. Goodrich
Whitney A. Griffin
Guy T. Hardin

Group III, 202

121 Houston

123 Humboldt

135 Hutchison

137 Jackson Central Merry

Martha Gunn Poole & Bob Roberts

Traci Tate & Jason Gulledge

Mary Lee Wesberry,

Willie Chandler

Elizabeth Hinds
Laura Hunt
Rebekah Kirkpatrick
Manish S. Patel
Prima Patel
Selena M. Parnell

Group IV, 207

139 Memphis Univ School

141 Obion Co

145 Smyrna

151 Union City


John Olson

Kim Crews & Diane Austin

Barry Vetter

Melanie Thorpe Mitchell


Emili L. Reeves
Jessica L. Rinehart
John G. Rippy
William Runion
Christpher Schmitt
Ali M. Smith
Kala M. Smith

Group V, 219

Univ School of Jackson

Jane Ramer & Malea Mullins



Jason B. Spencer
Ashley E. Sullivan
Dustin Summers
Ashley A. Tharpe
Dawn M. Tidwell
Erika Tritt
Eliza J. Whitten

Group VI, 227

155 Westview

157 White Station

112 Fulton City



Marion Pitts

Paul D. Prather

Kathy B. Thweatt


High school teachers were presented a mini-workshop Introduction to Green Chemistry by Dr. S. K. Airee & SAACS Rebekah Kirkpatrick while their students were taking the written test and are gathered here for a group piture:L to R: Dr. S. K. Airee, Barry Vetter (Smyrna), Willie Chandler (JCM), Bob Roberts (Houston), Martha Gunn Poole (houton), Linda Phelps (Camden), Wayne Coward (Smyrna), Malea Mullins (USJ), Betty Jackson (Gleason), Larry Barnickle (USJ), Leslie Grogan (Hutchison), Mary Lee Wesberry (Hutchison), Jinx Rasmussen (Brighton), Lori Onukka (Hutchison), Traci Tate (Humboldt), Faunne Brown (Hutchison), Jason Gulledge (Humboldt), Kim Crews (Obion), Paul Prather (White Station), Melanie Mitchell (Union City), Angel Perkins (White Station), Sandra Bethel (Greenfield), Denise Mathis (Obion), Kathy Thweatt (Fulton City).



Top Eight Schools
A. White Station
E. Smyrna
F. Camden
G. Hutchison
H. Houston

White Station won the championship (photo), Houston was the first runner-up(photo) , Camden & USJ were the second runners-up.

White Station High School - champions of the 23rd Annual SAACS High School Science Bowl:
seated L to R: Jack O'Connor, D. J. Johnson, Kev Adler & Timothy Shaverstanding: Bowl advisor Dr. Robert L. Hartshorn, SAACS president Micheal W. Fultz, WSHS teacher Angel Perkins, UTM Vice Chancellor Dr. Tom Rakes, SAACS secretary Rebekah Kirkpatrick and SAACS advisor Dr. S. K. Airee. Adler tied for the highest score in chemistry and made the third highest overall on the written test; O'Connor had the highest score in general science and Johson tied for the highest score in biology.

Houton High School - First Runner-up seated: Andy Nishimoto, Ben Gabor, Denise Umpierrez and David Drallestanding: Bowl facultyDr. Nancy W. Hinds, SAACS treasurer Andrew R. Bernard, HHS teacher Martha Gunn Poole, UTM Vice Chancellor Dr. Tom Rakes, HHS teacher Dr. Bob Roberts, SAACS vp Selena M. Parnell and SAACS advisor Dr. S. k. AireeNishimoto made the highest overall scores on the written test where Gabor and Umpierrez tied for the second highest score. Nishimoto also tied for the highest score in biology and Gabor, Umpierrez & Dralle tied for the highest score in chemistry

Top Ten Scores
83 Andy Nishimoto, Houston
81 Austin Chu, MUS
81 Ben Gabor, Houston
81 Denise Umpierrez, Houston
80 Ker Alder, White Station
77 David Dralle, Houston
77 Jack O'Connor, White Station
75 Nicholas Franklin, Smyrna
72 Will Duval, USJ
69 Tiffany Frye, USJ

Three of the highest scoring students on the written test were from Houston High School and are shown here 3rd, 4th and 6th from left Ben Gabor (81). Denise Umpierrez (81) and Andy Nishimoto(83) with Chancellor Nick Dunagan, teachers Martha Gunn Poole & Bob Roberts, and SAACS Rebekah Kirkpatrick.






Top Scores From Each School
Brighton: Joshua Micheal
Camden: John Carruth
Creek Wood: Jennifer Chaney
Dresden: Garner Goode
Fulton City: Andres Caicedo
Gleason: Julia Dillard & Brittney Mebane
Greenfield: Katie Atnip
Houston: Andy Nishimoto
Humboldt: Anthony Graves
Hutchison: Erin Vlasak
JCM: Chrisopher Green
MUS: Austin Chu
Obion: Chase Espy
Smyrna: Nicholas Franklin
Union City: Tyler Hargrove
USJ: Will Duval
White Station: Kev Adler

Highest Category Scores

Biology: Andy Nitshimoto from Houston, Will Duvall from USJ, and DJ Johnson from White Station all scoring a 88.
Chemistry:Ben Gabor from Houston, David Dralle from Houston, Denise Umpierrez from Houston, and Kev Adler from White State all scoring a 84.
General Science: Jack O'Connor from White Station with a score of 92.

Certificates of Merit in Categories

Joshua A. Michael

John Carruth ­ Biology

Andy Nishimoto ­ Biology, Chemistry and General Science
Karlen Ruleman ­ Biology and General Science
Stan Tolkachjov ­ General Science
Ben Gabor ­ Biology, Chemistry and General Science
David Dralle ­ Biology, Chemistry and General Science
Nathan Karst ­ General Science
Denise Umpierrez ­ Biology, Chemistry and General Science
Kimberly Goff ­ Chemistry

Erin Vlasak ­ Biology and Chemistry

Jackson Central Merry
Christopher W. Green-Chemistry
Jessica Record - Chemistry

Memphis University
Owen Brafford - Biology
Conor Quinn - Biology
Austin Chu ­ Biology, Chemistry, and General Science
Vija Rayudu - Chemistry
Michael Nooman ­ General Science

Obion Co.
Chase Espy ­ Biology

Nicholas Franklin ­ Biology, Chemistry, and General Science
Emily Hunter ­ General Science

Union City
Tyler Hargrove ­ General Science

University School of Jackson
Ryan Mcgaughey - Biology
Bradley Pate - Chemistry
James Egan - Chemistry and General Science
william B. Wyatt-Chemistry
Christopher Field ­ Chemistry and General Science
Jace R. Smith-Chemistry
Jeremy Winberry - Biology
Will Duval - Biology and Chemistry
Tiffany Frye ­ Biology and Chemistry
Trey Hinton - Biology
Sergio Salazar ­ General Science
Karen Wong-Chemistry
Jacob White ­ General Science

White Station
Kev Adler - Biology, Chemistry, and General Science
Jingbo Zhu- Biology
Jack O'Connor ­ Biology and General Science
Xuan Yang ­ General Science
Zachary Slone ­ Chemistry
Robert Crowell ­ General Science
Timothy Shaver - Biology
DJ Johnson ­ Biology and Chemistry


Bowl Faculty & Staff:

Biology: Drs. Darrell L. Ray, David Sammons & Wilburn A. Sliger
Drs. S. K. Airee, Robert L. Hartshorn,Nancy W. Hinds, & Phillip Osburn
Drs. Lionel J. Crews, Cahit Erkal & Richard S. Taylor
Staff: John Abel (UC), Sreve Lemond & Roger Roney (UTMCC)


MC's: Selena Parnell, Micheal Fultz, & Rebekah Kirkpatrick ;
M.C. Helpers : Andy Bernard, Emily Bethart, Dan Comer, Minesh Patel, Chris Schmitt
Time Keepers: Katie Allen, Erich A. Bitzer, Ashley Tharpe, Jennifer Beckman, Ali M. Smith, Kala M. Smith,
Score Keepers: John Rippy, Laura Hunt, Emili Reeves
Computer Grading: Roger Roney & Steve Lemond (UTMCC) and SAACS Jennifer Beckman, Rebekah Kirkpatrick, Selena Parnell & Emili Reeves

Introduction to Green Chemistry (9 AM): Dr. S. K. Airee & SAACS Rebekah Kirkpatrick

Physics & Chemistry Demonstrations (10:30/11:15): Faculty: Dr. Nancy Hinds, Dr. Cahit Erkal, Dr. Lionel Crews; Students: Andy Bernard, Erich Bitzer, Emily Bethart, Dan Comer, & Karoline Pershell

The wrtitten test was prepared by Drs. S. K. Airee, Richard S. Taylor & William A. Sliger with proof reading help by Dr. William Solomons.

The Bowl Questions submitted by the bowl faculty were incorporated into a PowerPoint set up for category and toss-up files for the games by Drs. Robert L. Hartshorn & Phillip L. Osburn.

Besides the bowl faculty listed above, additional faaculty available on the bowl day for judging were Drs. Devenyi & Effiong.


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