Assignment 2

Assigned: 09/07
Due: 09/14 at 11:59 p.m.

In this assignment, you ask the user for the size of an array and declare a dynamic integer array of that size in main(). Then populates the array with integers from a file and make sure that you read no more than the array's maximum size into the array. Write a function that takes the array as a parameter (as a pointer) and should also take the length read from the user as a parameter. This function calculates and returns the standard deviation of all values in the array. In main(), output the standard deviation.

In your assignment please make sure that:

What to submit:

Please submit (by email) a single zip archive named (use your name) containing your source code and a readme discussing how you tested your code and the output and why you are confident your program is robust (can handle all kinds of exceptions and gracefully return).