C++ Standard Library Documentation (A.K.A. The STL)

  • cplusplus.com - Easy to read, common reference for C++ as well as the STL.
  • SGI Documentation - Technical in nature but is very thorough and still relevant today.
    Notes: SGI provided one of the earliest free versions of the STL.

Editing files on *nix machines

  • Emacs cheatsheet - A powerful text editor with many advanced features. Emacs is available for both command line and as a stand-alone GUI application for all of the most popular systems.
  • .emacs - A sample .emacs file for CS1.
  • Vim cheatsheet - Another text editor for advanced users.

    *Note: The information provided above is for your information, however the classroom development environment supports Emacs as the default IDE (so please practice using Emacs at least for this semester).

Basics of *nix development

  • Terminal Basics
  • Putty - A program that allows you to log into a Linux machine from a Windows machine using ssh.
  • WinSCP - Windows Secure CoPy. - A program that allows you to transfer files between Windows and Linux machines.

Code Examples

An example program that uses multiple files for a simple c++ class demonstration.