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The UT Martin experience is one that cannot be replaced, and we intend to maintain a reputation as the premier four-year university in the region. This strategic plan will provide a clear direction to help us be all we can be.


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Chancellor Keith Carver launched the initial planning process in June 2017 with engagement activities designed to expand and strengthen relationships among faculty, staff, students, legislators, friends, alumni and the businesses and other organizations in the region. Planned for “impact,” the process had several other objectives:

  • Broad community and institutional alignment and commitment to the UT Martin of the future
  • Focus on and delivery of key goals critical to student and regional economic success
  • Maximizing UTM’s value to students, stakeholders, the region and Tennessee

Nearly 600 individuals participated in the planning effort, including task force members, focus groups and targeted and broad outreach to campus and external constituencies. Activities of the transparent process were reported in a timely fashion through campus updates and this website allowing the UT Martin community to track the project from start to finish.

Year Two (2019) Documents
Meeting and planning session notes in PDF format.

Year Three (2021) Documents
Meeting and planning session notes in PDF format.

year 4
year 5
University of Tennessee at Martin: Chancellor Dr. Keith Carver.

The University of Tennessee at Martin has been a fixture in the West Tennessee educational landscape since its founding as a private institution in 1900.

I often wonder if those local, state and university officials who worked out our charter could have imagined what this institution would eventually become. From our roots as an outpost for the Knoxville campus – we've grown into our own comprehensive university with 6,700 students and multiple locations across West Tennessee.

We honor the traditions from the past, but today's educational landscape requires that we cast an eye to the future. We need to focus on being good stewards of our resources, provide students with a quality educational product, and be active contributors to the state, region and beyond. We are housed in West Tennessee, but our impact is regional, national and international.

Today we embark on a five-year strategic plan. This plan will engage our campus and external communities in our future, highlight our priorities and provide clear methods to measure our progress.

I hope that you'll check back on our progress over the next several months. It'll be an exciting journey.

Come fly with us.