Paul Meek Library

Today's hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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"The Paul Meek Library will connect you to a world of knowledge and actively assist in your academic success."


A Gateway to a World of Information and Knowledge
Library resources include a full complement of materials in a variety of formats including print, non-print, electronic, and online materials.   Databases supporting study and research in subject disciplines represent over 12,000 scholarly journals and information sources.


An Intellectual Community Gathering Place
Comfortable furniture is mixed with study carrels and tables providing both quiet nooks and more public communal spaces where students, faculty, and staff can pursue scholarly research, write, study, or just catch up on the day’s activities with friends or colleagues.


An Active Partner in the Teaching-Learning Process
Paul Meek library faculty continues to explore and embrace dynamic instructional roles which are student centric and actively supports those who teach and those who learn. 


A Learning Laboratory
The Library fosters and hosts a variety of teaching/learning venues which offer educational, cultural, collaborative and creative opportunities for contemporary and lifelong learning.