Name(s) of Buildings: University Center; Boling University Center

Construction Dates: 1965-1966, 1982-1983, 1997-1999

Cost: $1,600,000; $2,892,891; unknown

Brief History:

The Student Activities Building was replaced by a new Student Center in the fall of 1966, one of the last of the major building projects in the college's greatest period of physical expansion. This new building originally enclosed 59,600 square feet and housed the cafeteria, snack bar, game rooms, bookstore, post office and ballroom.

In 1972-73 wings for office space were added on the east and west. A larger cafeteria/food services extension was added to the building in 1983, which increased the total square footage to 87,734. In 1993, the building was named in honor of Dr. Edward Joseph Boling, President of the University of Tennessee from 1970 to 1988. In 1997 new space for a student weight room, stairs, post office, auditorium, and additional meeting rooms were added to the north side. The space between the UC and the Paul Meek Library was lowered and levelled to create the new Centennial Circle.