Name(s) of Buildings: Women's Residence Hall; A-B Dormitory; McCord Residence Hall


Construction Dates: 1964-1967

Cost: $1,783,780

Brief History:

With the academic population boom of the mid-1960's, housing continued to a major concern at the University of Tennessee at Martin. One of the many student housing projects during that era was the construction of Women's Residence Hall which was begun in 1965. It was the first of four dormitories (McCord, PeayEllington, and Browning), built on a double-Y pattern. Construction was done in two phases so that students could move in as quickly as possible. The first phase was completed in the Fall of 1965 and accommodated 264 single female students. The second phase added another 264 units and was completed two years later in 1967. The building was known simply as the new Women's Residence Hall during its construction but soon after the second side was completed it was dubbed Dormitory A-B. The name stuck and served as a pattern for other dorms. On April 17, 1969, when the building was renamed McCord Hall in memory of former Tennessee governor Jim Nance McCord. It continues today to serve as a dormitory.