RequirementCodeExplanation/Documentation to Submit
Conflict of Information on the FAFSA400C or 401CThe Department of Ed has indicated a conflict of information on your FAFSA. Contact us for information on how to resolve this conflict.
No Accepted Admissions ApplicationADMITOur records indicate you have not applied for Admissions. Apply now at
Admissions Canceled/DeniedADMXWe do not show an accepted Admissions Application. Please contact us.
Aggregate Loan LimitAGGLMTOur records indicate that you are approaching or have exceeded your aggregate limits on your student loans. Please review your loan history at
Birth CertificateBCERTPlease provide us with a copy of your birth certificate.
BankruptcyBNKRPTOur records show you are currently in bankruptcy. Before you can take out a student loan, you must provide us with permission from the bankruptcy court to incur more debt or to state that you are no longer in bankruptcy.
Independent with Dependent ChildCHILDPlease send us a copy of your child's birth certificate (or confirmation of pregnancy from your doctor if unborn) and a written statement, saying you support the child more than 50% of the time.
CitizenshipCITIZNPlease send our office proof of your citizenship. Birth certificate (if born in the US), certificate of citizenship or naturalization.
DefaultDEFALTAccording to the U.S. Dept of Ed, you are currently in default with your student loan(s). We will need documentation from the Dept of Ed stating you are no longer in default.
Dependent VerificationDEPVERThe U.S. Dept of Ed has selected your FAFSA for verification. We are required to verify the information provided on the FAFSA through a process known as Verification. The verification form must be completed and submitted prior to award processing. Access the form at
DisabilityDISABLPlease provide documentation of total and permanent disability status from your doctor.
Educational Statement of PurposeEDSOPThe Dept of Ed is requiring that you verify your identity by presenting (IN PERSON) valid, government-issued photo identification, such as, but not limited to, a driver's license, other state-issued ID, or passport. If circumstances prevent you from appearing in person, contact our office for further direction.
Eligible Non-CitizenINSPermanent Resident Card or Resident Alien Card.
Entrance InterviewENTINTYou must complete Entrance Loan Counseling and a Master Promissory Note for loans. Complete them at
Independent with DependentINDDEPYou indicated on your FAFSA that you support dependents other than yourself or child(ren). We need you to provide our office with proof, showing you support dependents other than yourself, or child(ren).
Independent VerificationINDVERSee DEPVER.
Independent VeteranINDVETYou indicated on the FAFSA that you are/were part of the military. Please provide us with your DD214 or proof that you are/were in the military and released under a condition other than dishonorable.
Independent Ward of CourtINDWRDYou indicated on the FAFSA that you are a Ward of the Court. Please provide proper court documentation showing you are or were a Ward of the Court anytime between the ages of 13-18.
Legal GuardianshipLGUARDYou indicated on the FAFSA that you are in Legal Guardianship. Please provide the proper court documentation to our office, showing you are in Legal Guardianship (not custodial).
Parent Confirmation of Non-filingPARCNFPlease provide confirmation from the IRS that you were not required to file a tax return. To get your confirmation, submit the IRS Form 4506-T with Box 7 checked, to the IRS as instructed on the form. NOTE: If NEVER filed a tax return, request a transcript instead and you will receive a transcript stating 'no record of filing', which will serve as confirmation of non-filing.
Parent W-2 FormsPARW2Please provide a copy of your parent(s) W-2 forms and or 1099 Form.
Parent IRS TranscriptPIRSxxPlease send our office a copy of the parent tax return transcript from the IRS. See form for directions.
Satisfactory Academic ProgressSAPYou have been suspended from financial aid due to lack of satisfactory academic progress. To appeal this decision, please file a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form.
Selective ServiceSELSERPlease provide proof that you have registered with the Selective Service.
Student IRS TranscriptSIRSxxPlease send us a copy of the student tax return transcript from the IRS. See form for directions.
Social Security CardSSCARDPlease provide us a copy of your signed social security card.
Student Confirmation of Non-filingSTUCNFSee PARCNF.
Student W-2 FormSTUW2Please provide a copy of your and your spouse's (if married) W-2 forms and or 1099 Form.
TN Lottery Scholarship Acknowledgement FormTLSYou are required to sign an acknowledgment form that you have read and understood the requirements under the TN Lottery Scholarship Policy.
Unofficial FAFSAUNOFFCWe received your FAFSA, but there is required information missing or in error. Contact our office for details.
Unaccompanied YouthYOUTHWe will need a letter and supporting documentation from a school homeless liaison or homeless shelter related to your status as an unaccompanied or homeless youth.