Official Withdrawal

A student is considered officially withdrawn when they follow the University’s withdrawal process. The student’s withdrawal date is the date they initiate the official withdrawal process. In the case of a backdated withdrawal, the student’s last date of attendance or academic activity is considered the withdrawal date.

Unofficial Withdrawal

Students who cease attendance and receive grades of F in all classes, or a combination of Fs and any of the following grades in all classes for the semester –W, I, IP, NC, NR, WF - are considered unofficially withdrawn. The determination that a student has unofficially withdrawn is made after grades are posted at the end of the semester. The withdrawal date for unofficially withdrawn students is the latest reported date of attendance or academic activity, as reported by the student’s professors. Faculty members are asked to report a last date of attendance or academic activity when assigning a grade of F to a student who ceased attendance. If the last date of attendance or academic activity is unknown, the mid-point in the semester is used as the withdrawal date for unofficially withdrawn students.

Leave of Absence

The university does not issue a formal leave of absence.

Consequences of Withdrawal

Loan Repayment

Federal Student Loan repayment grace period (maximum total grace period is 6 months) will begin as of the date reported of the withdrawal to the National Clearinghouse and sent to NSLDS (National Student Loan Data System). After the 6-month grace period, you are responsible to begin repayment of the loan. Your loan servicer will help you determine the payment plan that best suits your situation. If you are unable to begin repayment, you may apply for a deferment or forbearance of payment. See your Master Promissory Note for more information on the terms of your loans in repayment.

Future Eligibility of Financial Aid

Withdrawing from school may result in loss of future financial aid eligibility. In most cases, appeals can be submitted for approval. See our Satisfactory Academic Policy at for more information.

Money Owed to the University

After the university returns the required amounts of unearned aid as calculated by the Return of Title IV regulations, the student may owe a balance to the university. This balance must be paid prior to re-admittance or release of transcripts.