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Financial Analyst | Staff Accountant | Audit Manager | Treasurer | FBI Agent | CIA Agent | IRS Agent | Cost Accountant | Internal Auditor | Forensic | Accountant | Credit Manager | Tax Accountant | Controller | FDIC Auditor | Bank Examiner | Accounting Educator


The UT Martin accounting curriculum prepares students in all areas of accounting for professional careers in auditing, tax, public, industrial, managerial or governmental accounting. Accounting majors are made aware of and given guidance in preparation for professional examiniations to become Certified Internal Auditors (CIA), Certified Management Accountants (CMA), and Certified Public Accountants (CPA). Accounting is also an excellent major for students planning to continue their education in graduate school or law school. The student should be aware that 150 semester hours are required to qualify a person to sit for the CPA examination

Characteristics for Accounting

Strong logical skills: Accounting is a system of logic, and the ability to reason through a problem is very important.

Strong communication skills: Written, oral, and electronic communication of accounting information is the key to success in the accounting profession

Leadership ability: Accountants must take the lead in business decision-making. Evidence of leadership ability throughout high school and college suggests success in the business world.

Persistence: Business problems are not solved with the snap of a finger. Ability to persist until the job is done is an important quality of a good accountant.

BSBA Learning Objectives related to the CBGA Mission:

Students will develop an understanding of the global aspects of business, have an understanding of the ethical aspects of business, demonstrate competence in critical thinking, demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills, demonstrate an understanding of the business core and, demonstrate competence in Accounting



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