Master Plan

105 Moody Avenue

Martin, TN 38238




Tim Nipp, Director

Master Plan


The University of Tennessee at Martin provides high-quality undergraduate and graduate educational programs to West Tennessee and beyond. From the founding in 1900 of Hall-Moody Institute, through the establishment in 1927 of UT Junior College, to today’s status as a comprehensive public university, UT Martin is committed to preparing students for success in the global economy.


Development of a Campus Master Plan corresponds to the policy directions set by the University and the changing needs of the students and faculty in this educational environment. In 2015, The University of Tennessee at Martin, along with a wide range of stakeholders, engaged in a year-long planning process that culminated in a Campus Master Plan Refinement that promotes UT Martin’s Mission and Values.


The University of Tennessee at Martin educates and engages responsible citizens to lead and serve in a diverse world.


UT Martin values:

  • ACADEMIC PROGRAM EXCELLENCE - UT Martin embraces the critical role faculty play in developing and delivering an academically challenging curiculum, advising and mentoring students, and participating in scholarly activities.
  • STUDENT EXPERIENCE AND SUCCESS - UT Martin is committed to providing a learning environment that encourages degree completion as well as the personal and professional development of our students.
  • INCLUSION - UT Martin is committed to creating a culture of belonging and a safe environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus.
  • ADVOCACY AND SERVICE - UT Martin serves as an educational and cultural leader in West Tennessee, and we strive to partner with educational institutions, community leaders, government entities, business and industry to enhance the quality of life in the region.

The UT Board of Trustees approved the Strategic Plan at its annual meeting in June 2015, followed by subsequent ratification of the plan by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and the State Building Commission.