SUBJECT: Distance Learning Videotaping Policy


EFFECTIVE: 9/14/00


Purpose : To establish guidelines for use of videotapes of Distance Learning classes.

The Division of Educational Outreach (EO) is responsible for taping, securing, and issuing all Distance Learning (DL) class tapes.

EO will record all degree program class sessions at each DL location. This is done for two primary reasons:

  1. If a site loses the connection, duplicates of the tape can be sent to the students at the other site.
  2. If a student misses class, he/she can check out the tape.

Faculty and students in the class have priority access to check out and review the tapes. Additional requests or uses of the tapes must be submitted, in writing, to EO and approved by the instructor teaching the course. Normally, tapes will not be checked out after the conclusion of the course and the course final. Students receiving an "I" in the course may submit an exception (prior to the conclusion of the course) to this policy to review a tape after the course has ended.

At the end of the term, faculty teaching the DL classes may take possession of the tapes from his/her class. However, since the tapes are re-used, he/she is responsible for replacing the tapes with an equal number. Faculty are requested to inform EO two weeks prior to the end of the term if they plan to retain the tapes and replace them with new ones.

Questions pertaining to this policy may be directed to: Coordinator of Degree Programs and Distance Learning (731.587.7080).