SUBJECT: Educational Outreach Course Offerings, Cancellation, and Advisement Policy



REVISION: 10/17/06

Purpose: To establish criteria, responsibilities, and procedures for offering and canceling university courses in Educational Outreach locations for Fall, Spring, and Summer.

The Office of Educational Outreach will consider the following criteria before offering and/or canceling any Educational Outreach course:

Educational Outreach Area Directors must provide justification and receive approval from the Executive Director to offer any undergraduate course with less than ten (10) students enrolled. For graduate courses, directors will inform the Educational Outreach Executive Director of any enrollments with less than ten (10) students enrolled. The Executive Director will then consult with academic advisors, graduate coordinators, college deans, and students enrolled before making a decision to cancel a course.

The Educational Outreach Executive Director must provide justification and obtain approval from the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to offer any courses with less than five (5) students enrolled in any Educational Outreach course. Final decisions on Educational Outreach class cancellations or class offerings must be made as follows:

In all cases, prior to the cancellation of any courses, Educational Outreach will attempt to contact all students impacted by cancelled courses and advise them of alternative courses that are still available for that semester.