SUBJECT: Guidelines and Responsibilities for Full-Time, Educational Outreach Faculty and Office of Educational Outreach


EFFECTIVE: 11/1/01


Purpose : To establish guidelines and responsibilities for full-time faculty assigned to Educational Outreach locations.

In addition to regular departmental duties, these faculty are responsible for the following service-related activities:


  1. Develop program recruiting goals for service area in consultation with Educational Outreach and departments and recruit in that area. Notify Educational Outreach of all activities to prevent duplication of effort.
  2. Attend significant recruiting events in service area; e.g., graduate fairs;
  3. information sessions at area schools, hospitals, and businesses; information luncheons at area community colleges, UTM Nights, and other events as needed. Whenever possible, participate in key community events to further enhance the image and presence of UT Martin in the service area; e.g., Partners-in-Education, Pinnacle Awards, healthcare events, business events. Educational Outreach will fund participation fees.
  4. Respond (within five working days) to inquiries by prospective students and prospects identified by Educational Outreach, faculty, or departments. When faculty are out of the office for extended periods or during the summer months, they should notify their department chairs and Educational Outreach. The department chairs will handle all necessary communications with prospective students and advisees.
  5. Inform Educational Outreach of any actions or issues that might impact recruiting, retention, or overall operations in service area, with special emphasis on course offerings and needs.


  1. Advise all Educational Outreach students attending classes in service area.
  2. Provide recommendations to department chairs, graduate coordinators, and Educational Outreach to ensure the growth and viability of all UT Martin degree programs offered in the service area and to effectively manage and maximize class enrollments. Maintain student records (checksheets) to assist in their program completion. Prior to establishing semester course offerings, faculty should provide recommendations to department chairs, graduate coordinators, and Educational Outreach regarding any course needs, electives, or possible adjustments to degree program course rotation plans.
  3. Establish and publish a minimum of ten office hours to ensure student access advising and to assist in scheduling facilities and appointments. Maintain all necessary academic advising records on active students to assist in maximizing class enrollments and student program completion. Inform Educational Outreach of any adjustments to office hours, teaching requirements, or anticipated absences.