SUBJECT: Featured Scholar Award



REVISION: 2/1/01

Purpose : To recognize regular, full-time faculty with records of outstanding research and creative works in their respective fields. Regular, full-time faculty are defined as faculty

  1. who hold full-time appointments with academic rank,
  2. who teach at least half-time, or
  3. who serve as professional librarians with academic rank.

The Featured Scholar Award will be given two times per year, once during the fall semester and once during spring semester. Recipients of the award are only eligible every 10 years. The Featured Scholar will have his/her publications, creative works, or other relevant scholarly productions displayed in the Paul Meek Library. The Featured Scholar will be recognized with a reception at the opening of the exhibit. University Relations will issue a press release with photo of the recipient to area newspapers.

The award will be rotated among colleges in the following sequence beginning Spring, 2001:

The deans are responsible for selecting their respective featured scholars. Each dean should send the name of his/her nominee to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs no later than the end of the semester before the scholar is to be recognized.

The Director of Faculty Research, Grants, and Contracts is responsible for coordinating the opening of the exhibit and the reception, inviting the campus to the reception, and scheduling photos and news coverage with University Relations. The Special Collections staff in the Paul Meek Library will provide the technical assistance necessary in setting up the display.