National Forensic Academy Collegiate Program

In partnership with the Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC), an agency of the UT Institute for Public Service, the National Forensic Academy (NFA) Collegiate Program provides specialized education with which few can compete in today’s job market. Nationally recognized subject matter experts guide students through practical exercises to develop hands-on experience in crime scene management, evidence identification and collection, shooting incident reconstruction, bloodstain pattern analysis, latent prints, forensic anthropology, human decomposition and time since death, skeletal and human remains recovery, and other areas. The 3-week, in-residence program is held each summer at LEIC's facilities in Oak Ridge, TN, and students earn 9 hours of undergraduate or graduate credit.

The NFA Collegiate Program is endorsed by the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police, and TACP member agencies give graduates of the program additional positive consideration in the hiring process.

Summer 2023 NFACP Application

TACP Endorsement

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National Forensic Academy Collegiate Program
Dr. Cindy Boyles
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The University of Tennessee at Martin
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