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We appreciate your interest in the Occupational Licensure program at UT Martin and thank you for reaching out. We are happy to assist you with information regarding our fully online program. Admittance to the Occupational Licensure program requires that one is an active full-time employee or is currently in the hiring process by a school system.

You will be required to take 4 courses to complete the program, 12 hours. We offer courses every Spring, Summer, and Fall. Please, do not hesitate to ask questions.

Applications are currently being accepted for the following terms:

Summer 2023: June 5 - August 11, 2023

Fall 2023: August 21 - December 8, 2023


Program Brochure

Notice: The University of Tennessee at Martin (UTM) Educator Preparation Program for CTE Instructors is only available for State of Tennessee residents or applicants who are currently employed by a Tennessee approved school provider.”

Program Requirements
  1. Successful completion of four (3-credit hour online courses) to fulfill the 12-credit hour program requirement.
    • Courses are offered every Spring, Summer, and Fall.    
    • All courses are undergraduate-level courses and not eligible for graduate credit.
  2. You must complete the required coursework within three years from the hire date into the teaching position.
  3. Due to a recent change in the State Board’s professional assessments policy, the PLT: 7-12 Praxis will no longer be required for renewal of a practitioner occupational license. Once you complete the program requirements, you will submit a Renew License transaction on TNCompass. Please contact Educator.Licensure@tn.gov if you need further assistance.
Admission Steps

Submit the following three requirements to rwilso34@utm.edu

  1. Application for Admission
    • Under the type of enrollment, select “Special” and “Online”.
    • Select the semester/year you wish to begin your coursework.
  2. District Intent to Hire form (Not a binding confirmation or guarantee approval of employment)
  3. Copy of valid TN driver’s license (for in-state tuition EVEA verification).
Course Descriptions

Practitioner Occupational Education License Endorsement Courses

CTE 290 – Effective Instructional Strategies and Managing the Environment

Introduction to instructional strategies aimed at fostering a classroom environment which promotes student success and achievement through the integration of educational theory, classroom management techniques, as well as assessment. Topics presented will address lesson and unit plan construction, differentiated instruction to diverse learners, mastery of content knowledge, along with the importance of ongoing reflection and its relationship to professional learning. Discipline-specific literacy skills and strategies will be introduced.

CTE 300 – Students with Exceptionalities

An introductory course designed to provide an overview of the field of special education. Principles, characteristics, programs, special needs, legal requirements and instructional strategies, related to the education of students with exceptionalities. A deeper understanding of discipline-specific literacy skills and strategies will be covered, as well as, acronyms used in the state and region that are unique to the special education field.

CTE 303 - Diagnosis and Evaluation

Designed to develop skills in selecting, constructing, administering and interpreting instruments appropriate for assessing differing needs and achievement of students in the classroom. Criterion-based assessment and their classroom relevance will be reviewed. Instructor will continue to promote the use of academic and discipline-specific vocabulary.

CTE 325 - Educational Psychology

Introduction to the psychology of learning, motivation and social development. The course focus will be on the development of learning theory, psychological and environmental factors that influence learning and the validity of various learning paradigms. Academic and discipline-specific vocabulary will be covered.

Cost/Financial Aid
Occupational Endorsements

Occupational Endorsement Table

2-4 Cycle Engines775
Aircraft Maintenance773
Aviation Ground School774
Collison Repair771
Culinary Arts730
Diesel Equipment772
Supply Chain Management776
Fire Safety751
Digital Arts & Design711
Health Informatics721
Health Science 6-12720
Health Science 7-12723
Information Technology740
Legal and Protective Services750
Public Health722
Trade & Industrial Education 6-12761
Trade & Industrial Education 9-12762
More Information
Final Steps
  1. After completion of the required 12 hours for Occupational Licensure will be to contact Ms. Jenny Hahn at jhahn@utm.edu or 731-881-7126. She will assist you with TnCompass and the final paperwork required for the state.
  2. In addition to the information Ms. Hahn will provide, once final grades have been posted you will need to request an official UTM transcript at http://www.utm.edu/offices-and-services/academic-records/enrollment-degree-verification-and-transcript-request.php

Thank you for allowing UT Martin to assist you in fulfilling your educational goals. We wish you the best!

If you have any other questions or need assistance, please let us know.

TN Compass

Did you submit a CTE application through TNCompass? If you did, the Department of Education will place your name on our TNCompass dashboard so that your enrollment can be added in UT Martin’s program and finish the submission of the application.

If you haven’t submitted a CTE application, you need to do so. You’ll find the link under the Quick Link section of TNCompass. 


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