The University has an Equity and Diversity Officer/Title VI Coordinator responsible for investigating all complaints (harassment, sexual harassment, Title VI, age discrimination, disability discrimination, and employment discrimination based on gender). If you or someone you know believes he/she has been discriminated against, please contact the Equity and Diversity Officer/Title VI Coordinator.

The complaint procedures for the University of Tennessee at Martin are as follows:

Subsequently, the findings, along with a statement detailing the basis for them, will be submitted by the Equity and Diversity Officer /Title VI Coordinator to the Vice Chancellor responsible for overseeing the person or group against whom the original complaint was filed. The complainant and the accused will receive a copy of the findings. Finally, if the findings support the charge of discrimination, the Equity and Diversity Officer/Title VI Coordinator or investigative committee will consult with the appropriate Vice Chancellor or administrator to determine the appropriate response. The accused may appeal the decision in writing to the Chancellor within fifteen (15) days of the date of the decision.