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"Obion County Joint Economic Development Board partnered with UT Martin to conduct a regional wage and benefit survey of industries to provide valuable datasets for industry leaders to gauge the current job market. We are thankful to the university for providing the intellectual capital to oversee this project." -Lindsay Frilling, CEO OBJED

In late Fall 2018, the university embarked on a new initiative to streamline communications and processes pertaining to Research, Outreach, and Economic Development. The establishment of the Office of Research, Outreach and Economic Development provided an opportunity to focus the efforts of different offices within the university to promote regional development and increase internal funding and income generation opportunities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Research, Outreach, and Economic Development is to forge new frontiers of discovery through research and innovation by promoting a culture of creativity and enhancing economic development partnerships throughout the region and state.

Vision Statement

Office of Research, Outreach, and Economic Development
Alisha Melton, Interim Executive Director
Administration Building
The University of Tennessee at Martin
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