Name(s) of Buildings: Women's Residence Hall; Clement Hall


Construction Dates: 1956-1957; 1963

Cost: $692,000; $688,000

Brief History:

As enrollment continued to climb through the 1950s, the need for student housing increased, particularly dormitories for women. The "Wooden Box," a temporary men's hall, was removed and construction began on Clement Hall in 1956. The building was initially designed to accommodate 236 students, but with an addition to the building in 1963 that number jumped to over 450 students. On February 11, 1966, the building was officially named Clement Hall in honor of Governor Frank G. Clement.

The structure has operated as a residence hall since its opening, however it has also served a variety of temporary uses. It housed the library collections from 1993 to 1995 during renovation of the Paul Meek Library, as offices for the university credit union between 1988 to 1983, held the Agriculture and Biology departments offices during the renovation of Brehm Hall, and served as offices of the State Department of Education, WLJT-TV, the Institute for Public Service, Printing Services, and Housing Facilities.