Federal Work-Study is offered as a part of your total financial aid package after you are hired by a department. This award helps to assist you in financing your education at UT Martin. This is money that does not have to be repaid. Federal Work-Study is a real job. The term “Work-Study” does not mean that you can “study” on the job. It means that you work to obtain the funds to be able to study at UT Martin.

How to qualify for Federal Work-Study

Information for Students

How to Search for Jobs

Students meeting all of the above requirements will receive an email to their UTM student and personal email accounts on June 27th. After you have accepted your award, you may begin to search and apply for jobs on July 1.

There is a possibility that eligible students may apply for an FWS job(s) and not receive a position. This is due to the limited funds that the university receives to fund these positions. This is a very competitive award, and students should best present themselves when they apply and interview for work study positions.

Maximum Hours

Your award offer will indicate the dollar amount of your Federal Work-Study award for the year. Although your pay will always be based upon actual hours worked, this award indicates the maximum amount you will be allowed to earn. You and your supervisor will determine your work schedule depending on your supervisor’s needs and your class schedule.


Federal Work-Study students are paid bi-weekly (twice a month). The pay rate for campus jobs will be $7.25 – $8.50 per hour depending on where you work and how long you have worked for the department. The preferred method of payment is through direct deposit to your personal checking/savings account. Paychecks do not process through the student Bursar’s account.