Campus offices, groups, and organizations listed below are available as a resource for students and employees.

Title IX Coordinator

303 Administration Building
Martin, TN 38238
731-881-3505 (phone)
731-881-3507 (fax)

The Title IX Coordinator coordinates campus Title IX education and prevention efforts and the response on all sexual misconduct and relationship violence allegations and complaints.

Department of Public Safety

731-881-7777 (24 hours/day, seven days/week)

The Department of Public Safety enforces all laws and University rules on the Martin campus to help maintain a safe environment for UTM students and employees. Public Safety also partners with Student Health and Counseling Services to provide the UTM community with an array of educational programs that allow participants to better understand warning signs and proper responses to help prevent crimes on campus. Please contact the Department of Public Safety if you would like a Department of Public Safety police officer to take you either to a local hospital for medical treatment, including a sexual assault nurse examination.

Office of Student Conduct

212 Boling University Center

The Office of Student Conduct handles cases in which a UTM student has been accused with violating the University’s Standards of Conduct. More information on the University’s procedures for handling allegations of Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence against a student can be found in Section VI.

Division of Student Affairs

223 Administration Building

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to facilitating student growth and development in civility and humanity by providing excellent student services that are responsive to student needs both inside and outside the classroom. The Division of Student Affairs oversees the Office of Student Conduct and Student Health & Counseling Services.