Division of Access and Engagement

We recognize that the pursuit of academic excellence intersects with a commitment to creating a sense of belonging in all aspects of university life. The principles of access and engagement are integrated in everything we do and celebrated throughout the campus community.

Our Mission

The mission of the Division of Access & Engagement is to develop, encourage, and prepare faculty, staff, and students who influence, improve, and inspire a healthy, educated, socially just, and vibrant society.

Direct Reports

Skyhawk Creed

Built to honor the value and principles of this institution. The Skyhawk creed was created to make all people on campus feel a since of belonging, value, and empowered to learn, teach, work, and grow at UTM. Not only does the creed help show value in different viewpoints, but it also emphasizes respecting and appreciating differences across identities. The creed is a mindset that our campus community strives to live by. The creed is as follows:

The University of Tennessee at Martin is an educational community committed to excellence in personal integrity and intellectual growth in a diverse and inclusive environment. As a voluntary member of this community: I will respect the rights and property of all persons and treat them with dignity and civility. I will take responsibility for my actions and hold others accountable for theirs, while demonstrating a concern for others, their feelings, and their sense of belonging. I will make right choices that will demonstrate academic integrity, discourage bigotry and hate, and strive to learn from the unique differences of people and opinions. I pledge to model these principles and values and encourage others to follow my example.

Find out more about how the creed was created  and its importance to this campus.


The Division of Access and Engagement will assist the University of Tennessee at Martin's goals regarding access and engagement by achieving the following tasks:

Division of Access and Engagement
Dr. Mark McCloud, Vice Chancellor
217 Boling University Center
The University of Tennessee at Martin
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