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The Accessibility Resource Center welcomes you to the University of Tennessee at Martin. Our office has been charged with the responsibility of ensuring equal access for all qualified students with disabilities. We do this by providing or coordinating a range of reasonable accommodations that meet the student's needs, according to the unique impact of his/her disability. We want to welcome you to reach out to us if there is any concerns or needs you may have.

How to Register with Us

Students can register with ARC at any point during their college experience. To submit official accommodation request(s), follow the steps below. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to ARC.

To request any accommodations (classroom/dietary/housing) an online application is required.
Step 1: Submit an Online Application

To request any accommodations (classroom/dietary/housing) an online application is required. Once the information is submitted, a member of the Accessibility Resource Center staff will contact you.

Step 2: Submit Supporting Documentation

In order to evaluate requests for accommodations, the Accessibility Resource Center will need supporting documentation of any diagnosis related to a disability.

Provide documentation to verify self-identification as a person with a disability.

Documentation should:

  • correlate to the level of accommodation requested. Accommodations are determined by ARC staff during the interactive intake process.
  • be printed on official letterhead and signed by an evaluator qualified to make the diagnosis.
  • include the following:
    1. Clearly stated diagnosis or DSM-5 diagnosis of the disability or disabilities;
    2. Description of the functional limitations resulting from the disabilities as related to an academic setting;
    3. Should be current, i.e., completed within the last 5 years for learning disability or disabilities, 1 year for psychological disabilities, or last 3 years for ADHD and all other disabilities;
    4. Complete educational, developmental, and medical history relevant to the disability for which accommodations are requested;
    5. A list of all test instruments, reliable, valid, and standardized for use with an adult population, used in the evaluation report and relevant subtest scores used to document the stated disability;
    6. Medication and its current impact and/or treatments currently used.

Students can submit the documentation to the system immediately after the submission of the application. Students will also receive a confirmation email after submission of the application with a link to upload the documentation at a later date. ARC can also accept documentation via email to, by fax at 731.881.7702, or hand delivery. If you have questions, please contact ARC at 731.881.7195.

Step 3: Scheduling a Meeting

Once ARC receives the application and documentation, students will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule a meeting with the ARC Coordinator to determine reasonable accommodations for students in an interactive process. Please keep in mind the registration process is not completed until after this meeting. No accommodations are approved until after the meeting with the ARC Coordinator.

Step 4: Accommodation Approval and Notification

Once a student is fully registered and all documents are in order, an email is sent to faculty/instructors (individual selection for which classes receive the accommodation information is made by the student) regarding approved classroom accommodations, or other staff as necessary (dining/housing). The notification of approved accommodation is strictly confidential; disability diagnosis is not referenced (unless a student directs ARC to disclose).

Changes to Approved Accommodations

Once a student is registered and approved for accommodations, students may request to change or modify approved accommodations. To request additional of fewer accommodations, students will log in to their account and click the button on the left side that says "Request to Change/Modify Accommodations". Once the accommodation change/modification is submitted, students must contact ARC for a meeting to discuss the proposed changes. If a student is approved for any additional accommodations, please keep in mind that accommodations are not retroactive.

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