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UT Martin is working to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in all areas. To that end, the institution has established an assessment plan that ensures input from all areas. The university community is kept informed of institutional progress and individual unit successes through a variety of means, including campus-wide newsletters and the sharing of unit reports and feedback through a university portal.

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UT Martin Planning, Assessment, and Reporting Calendar

The UT Martin Annual Planning, Assessment, and Reporting Calendar provides an overview of the activities and reports that establish the foundation for the university’s data-driven decision making process. The planning and assessment goals reflect the university’s mission.

UT Martin’s commitment to establishing a strong culture of mission-focused planning and assessment extends throughout the institution. The activities and reports are listed under specific functional areas to show primary responsibility for planning, assessment, or reporting. However, overlap of the data and processes exists between the different areas, and the calendar activities are not considered mutually exclusive. Collection and analysis of data occurs over time and often begins in the weeks and months prior to the submission of reports as listed in the calendar. The calendar is intended to provide a guide toward achieving the overall planning and assessment goals.

UT Martin Planning, Assessment, and Reporting Calendar

UT Martin’s Planning and Assessment Goals

University-Wide Assessment Committees

UT Martin has appointed five university-wide assessment committees, one for each of the five areas of institutional effectiveness as identified by SACS COC, and one assessment oversight committee to provide a synthesis of the work of the other five committees and institutional guidance towards areas of improvement. These six committees, along with the standing memberships of the committees, are described below.

Assessment committees meet at least once per year to review reports and feedback, identify institutional strengths and challenges, and make recommendations to the Assessment Oversight Committee. Reports from these meetings are included below.

UT Martin Institutional Effectiveness Reports

Please log in here using your university credentials to access the institutional effectiveness portal, which contains previous reports and additional department and unit information.

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