The Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages offers a number of experiential learning opportunities for course credit, ranging from internships on the UT Martin campus and in the surrounding community to study abroad programs. Students participating in such experiences engage in real-world activities related to their areas of study to enhance the classroom experience. Whether assisting faculty members with scholarly projects, writing and editing documents for local businesses or traveling to foreign countries to experience the world first-hand, students are able to apply classroom theory to the real world and earn college credit for their work. Students enrolling in travel opportunities may be eligible for departmental or university stipends to pay part of the expenses.

English 494: Internship in English

This course can be used as 3 of 12 upper division hours in the writing option and 1 of 6 additional hours in the literature option, and may be repeated once with permission of the department chair. With assistance from the department, interested students set up an internship with an individual, place of business or other organization. The student, internship supervisor, and department chair sign an internship agreement stating the expected duties and period of placement. Students are expected to spend 10 hours per week on the internship during fall or spring semesters. Work may also be done over the summer. Interested students must contact the department to add the class before beginning the internship. The internship must be set up and approved by the chair before the student is allowed to add the class.

3 credit hours. Pre-requisites: ENGL 111 and 112

Examples of recent internships:

  • A student spent a semester working with a faculty mentor on a book manuscript based on the faculty member’s dissertation. Through close reading, editing and discussion of the manuscript, the student gained experience in the world of academic writing and publishing.
  • A student interned with First United Methodist Church of Martin to revise and re-write the policies and procedures for the Wesley Foundation, a Christian ministry at UT Martin. The student engaged in written and oral communication typical of a business environment by completing the various stages of researching and revising the policies and meeting with staff members for discussion and approval of the drafts in progress.

For more information on English 494, contact David Carithers, department chair, at 731-881-7300 or by email at

Upper Division English Courses offered as Travel Study

These courses take the classroom experiences of literature and writing to the next level by including a 10-day travel study to the relevant region of the United States or abroad. Examples of English travel studies within the United States include an excursion to New England as part of English 341 – Topics in American Literature before 1900 and a trip to the desert southwest as part of English 343 – Literatures of Contemporary America. English faculty often pair with members of other departments to offer a cross-listed course, such as English 498/History 498 – Travel Study: The Great War at 100, which featured travel to England, Ireland and France.

3 credit hours

For information on current English courses offered as travel studies, contact the department office at 731-881-7300.

Modern Foreign Languages Travel Study 370 in French, German, Japanese and Spanish

Catalog Description: “A combination of travel and study experiences in the U.S. or abroad designed to enrich students’ knowledge of the target foreign language and culture.” Students are expected to have at least one semester of foreign language study completed before participating in travel studies, but individual requirements may vary. Usually offered in the spring semester, these courses typically meet once per week throughout the semester and culminate with a 10-day travel experience the week after the semester ends.

1-3 credit hours

Contact info for Travel Study 370:
French: Dr. Lucia Florido, 731-881-7425 or
German: Dr. Charles Hammond, 731-881-7423 or
Japanese: Mrs. Kyoko Hammond, 731-881-7484 or
Spanish: Dr. Daniel Nappo, 731-881-7428 or

Foreign Language Internship 401 in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish

Catalog Description: “Utilization of the target foreign language in a monitored work environment.” In a recent example, a student participated in a month-long volunteer program in Priego, Spain, in which she served as a camp counselor and English instructor for Spanish children. The work was monitored at all times and the supervisors sent detailed reports and evaluations of the student’s work to UT Martin Spanish faculty. For more information on foreign language internships, contact the Modern Foreign Language office at 731-881-7420.

3 credit hours

Study Abroad Opportunities in the Modern Foreign Languages

For students seeking a more extended travel abroad experience, the Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages – in coordination with UT Martin’s Center for International Education – offers summer study abroad experiences to France, Germany, Japan and Spain. Students typically spend four weeks in the foreign country taking classes four hours a day, five days a week, and participate in excursions to cultural and historical sites. They come back to UT Martin with a transcript from the host institution and are typically awarded six to eight credits in two modern foreign language classes at UT Martin. For more information on study abroad opportunities, visit the study abroad page on the Center for International Studies web site at or call 731-881-1023.