1:30-3 p.m., Monday through Friday

Two Minute Theatre!

Ms. Sarah Haig

Let’s make some movies! An entire movie in four weeks? Over the course of four weeks, we will look at storytelling, scriptwriting, storyboarding, prop making, filming and editing to recreate some of your favorite movies compressed to two minutes or less. You’ll be working in groups of three-to-four and competing to win the coveted Cheesy Award (yeah, it’s a can of spray cheese) to make something that is probably pretty cheesy but tons of fun.

Governor’s School Yearbook

Ms. Tomi McCutchen

Get ready to create! Students in this seminar will select a theme, organize information, and design a keepsake book that will help Scholars remain connected long after their experiences at GSH have ended. Illustrations, names, fun facts, quotes, photographs, etc. – the publication goes camera ready to UT Martin’s Digital Printing Services and is distributed near the end of Governor’s School, just in time for mass signing!

Governor’s School Newspaper

Dr. Robert Nanney

Want to place your special mark on the journalistic account of the 2023 GSH experience?  If so, this seminar is for YOU.  We need creative, enthusiastic Scholars with a special passion for writing, taking photos and editing this year's newspaper, which will also be named by the staff.  You will be in charge of putting together this exciting, permanent souvenir of GSH, have fun and earn a resume "hit" all at the same time.  Scholars who are on their high school newspaper staffs are especially encouraged to participate and gain further knowledge and experience, but "rookies" may also join in.  We will need writers, photographers and cartoonists, so we'll find something unique for everyone to contribute.  We'll also need those who are skilled at planning and organizing people and information.  Don't miss out on this special opportunity!