Who is eligible?

Students in the tenth or eleventh grade in a West Tennessee high school who meet The University of Tennessee at Martin undergraduate admission requirements and are in good academic standing.

What does it cost?

Students who are accepted will receive a full scholarship for program expenses. The only thing students will have to pay for is their transportation to and from the campus and personal items. Everything else ? campus housing, tuition, meals, educational trips, lectures, labs, and recreation activities ? will be provided. The program is funded by the University of Tennessee Martin.

How will the students be selected?

The selection committees, appointed by the vice chancellor for student affairs, in consultation with Young Scholars Academy faculty and staff, will review each student's completed application. The review committee will also select a number of alternates. Students will receive a letter notifying them of acceptance or selection as an alternate.

What about activities outside of class?

The University offers many options. For details, click on these links (Campus LifeCampus Recreation) or go to UTM.edu

Can students with disabilities apply?

Yes, if the student meets all criteria.

Must a student stay for the entire week?


How many students will be selected?

Thirty (30) students will be selected for the one week program.

Why is an e-mail address important to the application process?

An e-mail address is important so Young Scholars Academy may communicate quickly with applicants.

What if Young Scholars Academy dates conflict with other activities?

It is unfortunate that dates conflict; however, students must make a choice.

Will students' home schools be notified?

Yes. By the third or fourth week in April, lists of all students accepted up until that point will be mailed to the Guidance Counselors.

Are there opportunities for visitation by interested teachers and/or counselors?


If test scores are not available for sophomores, what should be used?

Indicate type of test taken and anticipated date of receipt. Include any available standardized test scores on the Test Data Form.

Are students permitted to bring communication devices, such as cellular phones and PDAs?

Cell phones and PDAs may be brought to the Young Scholars Academy but they must be kept in the silent mode and they may not be used during supervised activities and classes. This includes meals.

Other than grades, test scores, etc., what will raters look at in this application?

The recommendations from teachers are very important. For instance, if two applications are otherwise given the same rating, what the teachers have said may result in a higher score. Out-of-class service activities are also important.

Is the application confidential?

Consistent with applicable law, no personal identification information will be released to non-authorized individuals.