The Gil Parker Chair of Excellence is intended to support and encourage excellence in the teaching mission of the Department of Agriculture, Geosciences, and Natural Resources.   Some of the Chair’s responsibilities include:  integrating developing information technologies into the teaching/learning process; networking with industry, foundations, and government agencies to secure funding and other forms of support to enhance the department’s teaching program;  maintaining instruction-related research, publications and/or other scholarly activities; and teaching courses in the chair holder’s area of expertise.

A large portion of the responsibilities of the Parker Chair of Excellence include providing leadership to various outreach events such as the Mid-South Ag Finance Conference and the Mid-South Agricultural Trade Conference and coordinating the Master of Science degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources Systems Management (MSANR). The online degree program is designed to meet the growing needs of place-bound Agriculture and Natural Resources professionals.

Current Chair

Dr. Joey E. Mehlhorn

Professor & Gil Parker Chair of Excellence

Director of Tennessee Governor's School for the Agricultural Sciences

254 Brehm Hall

731-881-7275 Office

731-881-7368 Fax