UT Martin wants to help you effectively promote your events, activities and information. These procedures will assist you in accomplishing your goals while minimizing litter and campus clutter. Approval for posting does not represent University endorsement of the information posted or the actual function(s) advertised. The University reserves the right to make exceptions to or extend this policy in the interest of public safety or on the basis of appropriateness. More specific information can be found in other University publications, such as the Student Handbook and the Faculty Handbook.

Purposes of Sign Posting Procedures
  1. Provide procedures by which individuals, groups and organizations can post materials.
  2. Outline the approval process for posting materials on campus.
  3. Explain the process by which these procedures will be implemented.
Internal Signage Procedures
  • Postings must be placed in approved designated locations in buildings regularly accessed by students and/or the general public. Buildings noted in the following section have spaces designated for posting information; some have space only for University-related announcements, while others have additional spaces that are approved for posting classified/community information. Contact the appropriate building manager for posting sites and procedures.
  • All University-related postings shall reflect activities of recognized student organizations or University units.
  • Postings or advertising that promote the use and/or sale of alcohol as the primary function of the event are prohibited.
  • Posted materials must clearly promote the activity publicized and the sponsoring University organization or sponsor/partner as its primary message, rather than the commercial advancement of the non-affiliated entity or product. If the name, logo, trademark, slogan, or similar identifier of a non-University affiliate appears on the posting, it must not appear as the dominant message.
  • Individuals not affiliated with the University (for example: vendors, organizations, businesses, entities, etc.) are permitted to advertise on campus by either (1) purchasing an ad in The Pacer student newspaper or other official University media and/or (2) posting reasonable amounts of advertising items on designated bulletin boards.
  • Postings may be placed only in designated areas; all other areas are prohibited.  Prohibited areas include but not limited to: exterior surfaces of any campus building, trees, lampposts, fences, rights of way adjacent to University academic, residential or support facilities, or on the windshields of cars.  Postings on the inside or outside of glass doors and windows are also prohibited.
  • Campaign signage for student elections is governed by Student Government Association election rules as noted in the SGA Constitution.
  • The Student Handbook governs signage for general elections of government officials under the section “Political Activities on Campus”.
  • University organizations, divisions, departments and offices are responsible for litter generated by their own handouts or handbills.
Posting Content

All postings should include, as appropriate, the following information:

  • Who – Name of organization
  • What – Name of event
  • When – Date of event
  • Where – Location for event
  • Contact person
  • Contact information
  • University logo (as appropriate)
Approval Process
  • As noted in “Posting Procedures,” postings must be placed in approved designated locations in buildings regularly accessed by students and/or the general public.  Anyone wanting to post fliers/posters/materials must follow the approval process for each building/location and should contact the appropriate building manager for posting sites and procedures in that particular facility. 
  • The Office of Dining Services must approve table tents placed in Skyhawk Cafeteria and the Food Court.

Violations of these procedures by students or student organizations are a violation of the Student Handbook and will be subject to the University judicial process. Violations by other non-student University units will be addressed by the appropriate vice chancellor area consistent with University policy.

Violations involving external organizations will be addressed by the University’s Solicitation Policy found in the Student Handbook and UT Fiscal Policies (FI0325 Concessions and Solicitations on the University Campus) found at http://policy.tennessee.edu/fiscal_policy/fi0325/.

External Signage Procedures

University student organizations and departments are permitted to use temporary outside signage and banners to promote University-approved activities and events; banners are not permitted in or on academic buildings. Signs should be placed no more than one (1) week before the event or activity and removed immediately following the event’s conclusion. The Office of the Physical Plant will remove signage not removed within 24 hours; the department, group or individual will then be billed for the expenses of the signage removal. Individual signs must be spaced a minimum of 50 yards apart. “Yard signs” constructed with firm backing and wire stands for easy set-up and removal are preferred. Lettering and graphics should be neatly and properly displayed. Paper signs are prohibited unless posted on a designated area (i.e., the kiosk located between Crisp Hall and the Meek Library). The Office of the Physical Plant must approve in advance, after other required approvals have been obtained, banners displayed at ground level for any purpose. University groups are encouraged to use approved avenues to promote events such as the University Web calendar, bulletin boards, sidewalk chalk, the kiosk, the electronic sign, and TV monitors located in campus buildings.

  • Signage request forms will be stamped to show approval for posting prior to actual posting or display. The Division of Academic Affairs will approve signs for academic-sponsored events, and the Division of Student Affairs will approve signs for student-sponsored events.
  • Posting restrictions required by the fire marshal will be followed as applicable.
Portable Electronic Signage Guidelines

The use of electronic metal portable signs on campus will only be approved to promote University events. Use of electronic portable signs requires prior approval through the Division of Finance and Administration. Appropriate community events can be featured on the University’s electronic sign.