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So, You Want to Start a Business?

Topics included in this session will be a discussion of successful business ownership traits; assessment of the business idea; and some of the “mechanics” of establishing a business, such as forms of business ownership, insurance, business planning, and obtaining financing. Sources for information gathering, research and available databases are also discussed.

How to Write a Business Plan

Business planning is an essential step in starting a business. This course is designed for individuals who want to increase their chances for successful self-employment. This seminar covers the parts of a business plan, how to get your ideas organized and on paper, key make-it or break-it points for success, common mistakes, and much more.

Financing a Small Business

The seminar will address various lending options available to small business owners including what lenders look for in their applicants and how to improve a credit score. Participants will learn what resources are available to help plan, start and grow small businesses.

Excellence in Customer Service: It Takes Skill to Keep it Real!  

There is absolutely no mystery to providing great customer service.  It is simply great people with highly developed people skills.  In today’s customer-oriented business environment, people skills are critical for personal and governmental success.  Discover how to make every customer interaction a positive one by communicating more effectively, listening with greater empathy and resolving complaints by turning them into an advantage.

Your CPA, a Key to a Better Return   

As your business and revenue grow, managing your financials may become a responsibility you don’t have the time or knowledge to manage.  Specifically, when it comes avoiding legal and compliance issues, accountants can be worth their weight in gold. Your CPA can assist with payroll if it is required in your situation, sales taxes and use taxes, tangible business personal property taxes, state and federal corporate income taxes and a myriad of additional taxes that apply in certain situations.

Money-Making Marketing Strategies   

Business owners face tough competition in almost any economic climate and need to test different marketing strategies to find those that yield the most profits.   Learn about proven and tested lucrative methods that actually work and choose those which can be easily and simply implemented into your own business with and an overall method to earning profits quickly.

Your Attorney Knows Best

Among the countless worries for entrepreneurs who are starting or are already running a small business is the question of whether they need to retain an attorney. However, legal help is a cost of doing business that often saves you money and helps your business in the long run. While you certainly don't need an attorney for every step of running your business, they are an important part of your business team. 

Other classes are offered as needed.

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