Military credit can be awarded to veterans or active service members who enroll in UTM. Ten semester hours of credit will be given to students with a DD214 or DD295 that shows successful completion of basic training. Military schooling may not duplicate these 10 semester hours of credit. Up to 30 semester hours of military and/or examination credit may be applied toward degree requirements. Official transcripts must be sent from the service person’s education office (JST, AARTS or SMARTS transcripts are recommended) in order to receive military credit. All other residency requirements must be met. The ACE Military Guide is used in awarding credits for military experience. For military credit that is not specifically addressed by ACE, students can develop a portfolio of college level learning via class name and number for credits or utilize other prior learning assessments (e.g. AP, CLEP, challenge examinations) for credit. Students also may petition the relevant department in order to evaluate a course for credit or use the Special Request process to be approved to use credits towards their degree.

Military hours attempted and hours earned are excluded from calculation of satisfactory academic progress (SAP) whenever financial aid eligibility is in question.

For questions about military credit, contact Carah Hooten-Dellinger in the Office of Academic Records.

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