Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant

The Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant (TN DEG) is funded by the Tennessee Lottery and administered by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC). The program provides opportunities for students to begin working toward a college degree while pursuing a high school diploma. This grant provides $538.65 for the first thru fifth course and $300 for the sixth thru tenth course. Eligible students can use the grants on lower division (100/200 level) postsecondary degree-seeking courses. For more information on this grant, please visit: https://www.tn.gov/collegepays/money-for-college/tn-education-lottery-programs/dual-enrollment-grant.html

To be eligible for the TN DEG at UT Martin, the student must be a Tennessee Resident for one year prior to enrollment, be a junior or senior (as classified by the student’s high school), have a cumulative 3.0 unweighted high school GPA, high school counselor approval, and parent/legal guardian approval. To remain eligible for the grant, the student must maintain a cumulative 2.0 college GPA. If the student's cumulative college GPA ever drops below 2.0, they are no longer eligible for the grant (there is no getting it back).

Students interested in using the TN DEG to assist with payment of dual enrollment tuition must submit a Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant Application for the academic year by the deadline for the term of enrollment. The deadline for Fall applications is September 15th; Spring is February 1st; Summer is May 15th (one application is submitted generating applications for all three terms).

UTM Dual Advantage Scholarship

The UTM Dual Advantage Scholarship (UTM DAS) is internally funded by UT Martin. This scholarship works in conjunction with the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant (i.e., the student must use a TN DEG in order to use a UTM DAS). Eligible students can use up to five scholarships, with a maximum of three scholarships per term.

As student success is the goal of the UT Martin Dual Enrollment Program, effective Fall 2022, we will allow eligible students to enroll in three courses per term. However, UT Martin strongly discourages first-time dual enrollment students from enrolling in more than two courses their first term as our first priority is to the academic success of all students.

If the student is eligible for the TN DEG, they are automatically eligible for the UTM DAS (no additional application is required). If the student’s cumulative college GPA drops below 2.0, they are permanently ineligible for both the TN DEG and the UTM DAS scholarship and will no longer be eligible to participate in the UT Martin Dual Enrollment Program. For more information on this scholarship, please contact the Dual Enrollment Office.

Fee Waivers

UT System Employees, Tennessee Board of Regents Employees, Tennessee State Employees, and Tennessee (Public) School Employees are eligible for fee waiver discounts. The employee is responsible for obtaining a fee waiver from their employer, completing the form, and submitting it to UT Martin. Fee waivers are term specific and must be submitted before each term. They are applied to the student account before the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant and UTM Dual Advantage Scholarship. Forms can be scanned and emailed to the Dual Enrollment Coordinator.

Payment Plans

The Bursar’s Office does offer a payment plan for those students responsible for payment of tuition. For more information on setting up a payment plan, please visit: http://www.utm.edu/offices-and-services/office-of-bursar/set-up-a-payment-plan.php.