Name(s) of Buildings: Lovelace Grove; the Grove; Grove Apartments


Construction Dates: 1945; 1964-1965

Cost: $616,000

Brief History:

The property where the Grove Apartments were constructed was part of the property given to the Hall-Moody Institute by W. H. Lovelace. "Lovelace Grove" was a popular picnicking site for students and community members. As the married student population mushroomed after World War II, surplus construction materials from Camp Tyson were used to build two shed-like apartment units. Twenty-two travel trailers were hastily secured by the Federal Public Housing Authority and towed into the Grove as well which for several years supplemented the other structures (and private trailers) as temporary housing. The trailers were finally replaced by Westview Terrace, on the present site of the Agricultural Complex.

To house the growing number of married students attending the University the Grove Apartments, ten buildings containing eighty-eight apartments, were constructed in the Grove during 1964 and 1965. Until new dormitories for men were finished in 1966 and 1967 the units also supplemented the housing for single male students provided by ShannonLovelace, and Freeman halls. The buildings continue to serve as apartments today.