Course Repeats

A student may repeat a course in which he/she had earned a grade of D or F. A student earning a C in a course may repeat the course with the approval of his/her advisor. A student who had earned an A or B in a course will be allowed to re-enroll in that course ONLY as an auditor - any exception to this policy will require approval by the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. Courses with an earned grade of A, B, or C that are repeated with approval will be evaluated by the same procedure as given for repeated courses with the grade of D or F.

When a course is repeated, only the last grade earned will be counted in computing the GPA and in fulfilling requirements for a degree. However, all grades remain a visible part of the student’s permanent academic record.

A student who desires to repeat courses in order to improve his/her GPA is not required to repeat those courses at UTM. However, students should check with advisors about program-specific degree requirements which may limit the number of hours transferred into UT Martin, limit the specific course which may be transferred, or place restrictions on upper-division transferability. When a course is repeated, the student's last grade counts, even if the last grade is lower than the previous grade.


The basic unit of credit at The University of Tennessee at Martin is the semester hour. This normally represents one hour of lecture or recitation or two hours of lab work per week. Each course at the university carries a number of semester hours of credit specified in the course description. At the completion of each course, a student will be assigned a grade reflecting the student’s performance in the course. Passing grades normally carry with them a certain number of quality points per semester hour of credit in the course. A student’s grade point average (GPA) is obtained by dividing the total number of quality points the student has accumulated by the total number of GPA hours the student has attempted, not including hours for which grades of W, WD, WP, I, P, SP, S, AU, NR and PP have been received.

To perform a GPA what-if calculation, try out our GPA Calculator. This is an unofficial GPA Calculation.

Grades are available by accessing Banner Self-Service. Grades will NOT be mailed out each semester.

If you wish to personally receive a copy of your grades, you must submit a written request for a transcript to the Office of Academic Records. Please see the Transcript Ordering Page for sending official transcripts to other parties.

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