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What is Degree Works?

Degree Works is an advising and degree audit tool that helps students plan and complete their program of study successfully and efficiently. Students and advisors are able to view an organized, easy-to-read checklist (the Degree Works audit) that outlines requirements for courses of study as set forth in the university catalog. The What If Tool can be used to see audits for different catalogs and majors. The Student Educational Planner helps students and advisors plan requirements for each semester. Degree Works also includes GPA calculators, Notes, and a Look Ahead view.

What is an Audit?

A Degree Works Audit displays courses you have completed, courses in which you are enrolled, and courses that should be taken to complete your program requirements. The Audit is arranged in blocks specifying each piece of your degree requirements, such a degree block, a major block, and a general education block.

Can I access Degree Works on any computer?

Yes, you can access Degree Works through the My UTMartin portal at any computer with internet access.

How current is my information in Degree Works?

Degree Works is refreshed nightly, so any changes made (such as grade changes or classes dropped/added) will be seen the following day.

Are my grades visible in Degree Works?

Grades are visible in the Degree Works audit after end of the semester processing.

I think my audit is incorrect. What should I do?

If you believe your audit is incorrect, contact your academic advisor to discuss the requirements of your program and the information displayed on your audit. Your advisor can then contact the Office of Academic Records for assistance if the audit is incorrect.

Are there requirements for graduation that Degree Works does not check?

Some programs of study have requirements that do not appear in the Degree Works Audit, such as portfolios or internships. You should consult with your advisor to ensure that you meet all degree requirements.

Why does Degree Works show “Concentration is required” on my audit?

The “Concentration is required” message shows on majors that require a concentration to be selected. Please refer to the current catalog for more information. Your advisor can help you select the appropriate concentration.

Why isn’t my transfer work meeting a requirement?

There are several reasons why transfer work may not meet a requirement. It is possible that the transfer course does not meet the minimum number of credits or the minimum grade required for the course in your program of study. You must complete a minimum of sixty hours of coursework from a four-year institution, so some transfer work may not be available for use. Transfer work is also limited a maximum of nine upper division hours. Please contact your advisor if you have questions about your transfer work.

My advisor told me that a course I took would be substituted for a requirement. Why doesn’t this information appear in my audit?

In most instances, substitutions are not applied until your senior year. If you are a senior in your last semester and do not see a substitution you are expecting, please contact your advisor.

If all the boxes are checked, does that mean I am graduating?

Degree Works is not an official notification of completion of degree requirements. Students must meet both the hour and the area requirements for their selected degree as defined in their respective catalog. Students and advisors should use Degree Works in conjunction with the University Catalog and departmental information to monitor student progress and ensure students are on track for graduation.

What are Elective Courses?

Elective courses do not fit a specific area in the audit and are still used to fulfill the hours required for the degree.

What are Excess Courses?

Excess courses are electives over the minimum credits required for the degree. The grades in these courses are included in your overall GPA.

What are Unused Courses?

Unused courses are courses that are not used due to a limit being met or that serve as developmental courses. Students may see transfer courses in this area once the maximum transfer hour limit has been met.

What are Insufficient/Excluded Courses?

Insufficient/Excluded Courses are courses that do not meet the requirements of the rules in the Audit. Withdrawn courses, repeated courses, and courses that do not meet the minimum required grade will display in this section of the audit.

When should I look at my Degree Works audit?

You should review your audit prior to meeting with your advisor for each registration, after registration to confirm that your registered courses are applied correctly, after your grades are posted each semester, and after making a change to your schedule or major.

How do I know which classes I need to take?

Your Degree Works Audit displays the courses needed to meet each block of your degree. You should work with your advisor to select the appropriate courses based on your career goals and interests.

How do I determine my catalog year?

Your current catalog year displays on the Degree Works Audit on the degree block header. You can use the “What If” function to see how changing your catalog will affect your audit. Talk to your advisor if you want to make a change in your catalog year.

Degree Works placed one of my courses in two different places. Is that allowed?

In some instances, it is allowable for courses to be shared in two different locations. This sharing is indicated by a red $ on the Audit. If you have questions about a course sharing, you should contact your advisor.

I’m working toward two degrees. How can I check the requirements for my other degree?

A dropdown arrow appears next to your degree box at the top of the Degree Works Audit. Click the arrow to select your second degree program.

Can I register for classes in Degree Works?

You cannot register for classes in Degree Works. You can view information about courses in Degree Works, such as days and times available, to determine the best course section for your schedule.

I think the Credits button on my Audit is incorrect.

The Credits link on the Audit will only display earned credits, which may vary from the total credits attempted and does not include in-progress courses. Please see your advisor if you need more information about credits.

How can I print the What-If page?

Click the “Save As PDF” button. You can then save the PDF.