Chancellor’s Scholarship Awards

Students applying to UT Martin who meet the following academic requirements qualify to receive the Chancellor's Scholarship. This is an annual award of $4,000 renewable for four years and contingent on students maintaining a 2.75 GPA. For specific scholarship requirements and how to qualify for the Chancellor's Scholarship, visit

Honors Designated Courses

Chancellor’s Scholarship recipients are eligible and strongly encouraged to enroll in any Honors-designated section of courses offered by departments at UT Martin. Honors sections offer smaller enrollments and provide opportunities for talented and motivated students to study particular subjects among an academic peer group and work closely with members of the faculty.

The following courses are available with Honors-designated sections:

Art 110H Honors Understanding Visual Art (3)

Chemistry 122H Honors General Chemistry II (4)

Communications 230H Honors Public Speaking (3)

Communications 337H Honors Argumentation and Debate (3)

Dance 110H Honors Understanding Dance (3)

Engineering 315H Honors Engineering Analysis (3)

English 111H-112H Honors English Composition (3, 3)

English 250H-251H Honors British Literary Tradition (3, 3)

English 260H-261H Honors American Literary Tradition (3, 3)

Geology 110H Honors Introduction to Physical Geology (4)

Geology 120H Honors Environmental Geology (4)

Health 111H Principles and Concepts in Personal Health (3)

History 121H-122H Honors Development of World Civilization (3, 3)

Mathematics 210H Honors Elementary Statistics and Probability (3)

Mathematics 251H Honors Calculus I (4)

Music 111H Honors Masterpieces of Music (3)

Music 112H Honors Music in Our Time (3)

Physics 212H Honors College Physics (4)

Psychology 101H Honors Introduction to Psychology (3)

Sociology 202H Honors Social Problems (3)

Theatre 110H Honors Understanding Theatre (3)