The University Scholars Program & the Expectations of University Scholars

Since its founding in 1981, The University Scholars Program has emphasized the importance of individual integrity, academic achievement, and education that develops intellectual, moral, and social responsibility. The University Scholars Program’s core curriculum, its emphasis on cultural events, and its opportunities for service and leadership are designed to prepare students for post-baccalaureate success through deepened and enriched understandings of themselves and the world in which they live.

Admission to The University Scholars Program also conveys membership in The University Scholars Organization. University Scholars are expected to lead and contribute to the activities of the organization, which in conjunction with the Office of Honors Programs, provides cultural and extracurricular activities, promotes opportunities for service in local and regional communities, and contributes to the development of the honors programs at UT Martin.

Each year, students participating in The University Scholars Program are encouraged, and expected, to participate in a minimum of four cultural events offered through The University Scholars Organization or the Office of Honors Programs and to contribute a portion of their time in service toward the needs of the local community and region.

Renewal of the University Scholars Scholarship is contingent upon a University Scholar’s continued academic success and remaining a member in good standing of the University Scholars Organization.

University Scholars Program Admission Requirements and Procedures

Applicants to the University Scholars Program must qualify to receive a Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Regular Admission: Admission to the University Scholars Program is a two-step process. Initial application packets to The University Scholars Program must be received by the date indicated on the Honors Programs website. Only complete applications will be reviewed by the Honors Council, after which select applicants may be invited to campus for personal interviews. Invitations to campus are issued no later than mid-January; interviews are completed no later than mid-February. Successful applicants will receive invitations to the join the University Scholars Program no later than March 1st. Throughout the application process, the Office of Honors Programs will notify all applicants of their status beginning with verification of the receipt of application materials and continuing through notice of acceptance, alternate or wait-listed status, or declination.

Admission for Rising Sophomores: Rising sophomores who were awarded a Chancellor’s Scholarship when they matriculated and who have a minimum institutional GPA of 3.3 at the end of their freshman year may apply for admission to the University Scholars Program if spaces are available in their Class. Invitations to join the program may be offered to successful applicants in a number equal to the available spaces in their Class year. No Class of University Scholars may exceed 30 students. Spaces in the program become available only if University Scholars admitted as freshmen do not return to the program as sophomores. Students admitted as sophomores are expected to meet all the same requirements of regularly admitted students. The Office of Honors Programs will announce the availability of openings in the University Scholars Program in January if any have become available at the end of the previous fall semester; a second announcement will be made on the Monday following Commencement in May and include any openings that have become available following the end of the spring semester. Rising sophomores may apply beginning in January; completed applications from rising sophomores must be received no later than 31 May. Students will receive final decisions from the Office of Honor Programs no later than 15 June.

University Scholars Scholarship & Requirements for its Renewal: The University Scholars Scholarship is an annual, four-year award of $2,500. A fifth year of funding may be awarded for students pursuing multiple degree programs.

The University Scholars scholarship is unique to The University of Tennessee at Martin and exists through the generous donations and support of the university’s alumni and benefactors. Annual selection of incoming University Scholars Scholarship recipients is part of the work of the Office of Honors Programs and the members of the Honors Council. Renewal of the scholarship is contingent upon the recipient’s having met university’s expectations of students enrolled in the University Scholars Program.

The university’s expectations are that each year students in the University Scholars Program will:

Graduating as a University Scholar: Students who successfully complete The University Scholars Program receive special recognition and are uniquely identified as being University Scholars at Commencement. At the time of their graduation, University Scholars will have earned an academic distinction of magna cum laude or higher. They will additionally have made unique and substantive contributions to their major fields of study as well as to the improvement of the campus and community.