Terms and Conditions

This identification card is your OFFICIAL UTM IDENTIFICATION. It may be required to access certain campus services. IT IS ALSO SURRENDERABLE UPON DEMAND BY AUTHORIZED CAMPUS OFFICALS. You are required to you keep your ID with you at all times you are on campus or at campus activities, per the student handbook.

By applying for the debit option of your Skyhawk Card, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. The Skyhawk Card Account is a prepaid debit account only; however, the cardholder shall be responsible for the repayment of any charges to the account for which there may be a delay in or failure to receive credited funds. Once your application has been approved, processed, and funds deposited to your account, you may use your Skyhawk Card to pay for purchases at participating campus locations, up the amount available on your Skyhawk Card Account (some locations have daily spending limits). You cannot withdraw cash from your Skyhawk Card Accounts. There is no fee to establish or use your account; the full amount of your deposit will be available on your Skyhawk Card Account.

Use of the Skyhawk Card

You agree to use the Skyhawk Card for identification purposes, and for access to goods and services to which you are entitled as a UTM student or employee after having paid the appropriate fees for that term of study. If you cease to be a UTM student or employee, your account becomes inactive. You will not have access to account funds or campus services via the Skyhawk Card while it is in inactive status. [No other person is permitted to use the card for purchases, identification, or any other reason. The card and its rights, privileges, and balances are not transferable and are governed by all UTM rules and regulations.


You are responsible for all charges or transactions billed or accessed by the Skyhawk Card and any of its various accounts as part of the Skyhawk Card System. To minimize potential loss to the participant, unattended locations/applications such as vending, copiers, and printers may carry a daily spending limit.


You are responsible for all book advances, computer advances, and other charges that are applied to your Skyhawk Card account. In the event litigation is necessary for collection of any charges due the University, you agree to pay all collection fees, court costs, and reasonable attorney fees.

Lost or Stolen Cards

You agree to notify the Bursar's Office immediately at 731-881-4677 if your Skyhawk Card is lost or stolen. After 5:00pm during the week days and anytime on the weekends, call Public Safety at 731-881-7777. If you fail to notify the Business Office of a lost or stolen card, you will be held responsible for any charges that occur until we are notified. Lost or stolen cards can be replaced for a $25.00 replacement fee. If your Skyhawk Card is stolen and you provide a Police report of the loss, the replacement fee will be waived.

This account is non-transferable

The cardholder may be charged a fee or the card may be confiscated by authorized University Personnel or Dining Services Personnel if the card has been advanced to another individual. Additional ID may be required to ensure that only the authorized participant uses the account. The participant may be required to sign a receipt for goods.

Ownership of Cards

The Skyhawk Card remains the property of the University of Tennessee and is governed by all its rules and regulations.

Defective Cards

The Bursar's Office will replace Skyhawk cards for free due to defective product or normal wear and tear. It is up to the discretion of Business Office personnel to decide upon normal wear and tear. Purposely defacing the card, such as punching holes through the card, is not considered normal wear and tear and will be subject to a $25.00 replacement fee if the card becomes unusable.

Additional Card Information

  • Execution of a Skyhawk Card Account application is not a commitment of admission to the University.
  • Information regarding the participant's account or transactions may be disclosed to third parties when necessary to complete transactions, when the conditions or existence of an account must be verified, to comply with government agency or court orders, or with the participant's written permission.
Skyhawk Card Accounts

Skyhawk Silver Account

Students and parents can deposit funds to the Silver account. These funds can be used at authorized campus vendors such as the UTM Bookstore, the UTM Computer Store, all Dining Service Locations, the UTM Department of Public Safety, many of the Campus Vending Machines, UTM Student Health, and most of the campus copier machines. (Participant vendors are subject to change without notice). The funds deposited to the Skyhawk Silver account will continue to roll over from semester to semester until the card holder withdraws or graduates from the University. Funds in the account are refundable for a $15 service fee. The fee is only waived upon graduation.

Bookstore Account / Computer Store Account

Only students with pending excess financial aid use these accounts by requesting a book advance or computer advance. Book advance funds are only available for use in the UTM Bookstore in the Boling University Center, and computer advance funds can only be used in the UTM Computer Store. These funds roll over from semester to semester until the end of the financial aid award year. Funds in the account are refundable without a service fee by student request or automatically at the end of the award year.

Dining Services Meal Plan

This account is used to access the Meal Plan that is purchased from the University's Dining Service Vendor. This account tracks the usage of the plan, based upon the number of weekly meals purchased. This plan is only good at the main dining hall, unless otherwise directed by Dining Services. The meals applied to this account are good only from week to week and do not roll over from semester to semester. This account has daily spending limits. Funds from this account are not refundable or transferable.

Captain's Cash / Dining Services Declining Balance

This account coincides with the Meal Plan that is purchased from the University's Dining Services provider. The funds applied to this account are a predefined amount that is packaged with the meal plan that is purchased. These funds are only accepted at Dining Service locations (excludes vending machines). These funds are good for the semester for which they are purchased. Funds from this account are not refundable or transferable.

Excess Financial Aid and Book Advances / Computer Advances

The card holder can authorize excess financial aid be applied to the Skyhawk Card for a book advance up to $750, and/or for a computer advance up to $1,250. These funds must be in excess of all fees and charges due the University for the current term. This option is only available to students if their student Banner account holds a refundable balance. Once the UTM Business Office has issued a refund, book advances and computer advances are not available unless there is sufficient other pending financial aid. Amounts of more than $750 or $1,250 can be applied under certain circumstances. Please inquire in the Bursar's Office about this policy. Any time financial aid funds are applied to a cardholder's account and, for any reason, the funds fail to reach the University, the cardholder is still responsible for the debt to the University.

Federal Financial Aid Funds

You authorize UTM to apply your Federal Title IV funds to the charges you will incur at the University. You understand that this authorization will remain on file at the Bursar's Office and that you may rescind this authorization at any time.


A refund for Silver accounts with refundable balances can be requested in the Bursar's Office and will be subject to a $15.00 service fee. The refunded balance will be transferred to the cardholders Student Banner Account and will be subject to the refund procedures of the UTM Bursar's Office. Refunds of Financial Aid Funds will not be subject to the $15.00 service fee. Therefore refunds of book advance and computer advance balances are available upon request without any service fee.

Leaving the University and Account Balances

Upon leaving the University, refundable accounts will be subject to the following policy:

Method of University Exit & Policy for Refund

  • Graduation: Within 7 days of Graduation Ceremonies, the Bursar's Office will obtain a graduation roster from the UTM Registrar's Office and will automatically transfer all refundable balances to the cardholder's UTM Banner Account. These funds will be subject to the refund procedures of the UTM Bursar's Office. Balances less than $10 will be donated to the University's Alumni Office to help future UTM students.
  • Official Withdraw: Upon official withdrawal from the University; any balances on refundable Skyhawk Card accounts will be automatically transferred to the cardholder's UTM Banner Account. A service fee of the lesser of $15.00 or the card balance will be incurred for closing the account. The service fee will be no more than $15.00. All funds remaining after the service fee will be transferred to the cardholders UTM Banner Account and will be subject to refund procedures of the UTM Office of Business Affairs.
  • 12 Months of Inactive Student Status: Skyhawk Card accounts will be deactivated for campus use if cardholders no longer appears on the active student roster (and have not graduated or officially withdrawn.) However, cardholders may request a refund per card terms. After 12 months of inactive student status, such accounts will be closed and any funds remaining on refundable Skyhawk Card accounts will fall subject to the policy stated above for official withdrawal.