Thank you for visiting our Parents Section. While this web site is primarily designed for your student's use, we want to be sure that your debit spending questions are addressed. If you do not find an answer to your question below, or if an answer needs additional clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. The Skyhawk Card Office staff looks forward to assisting you.

What is the process for my student to get their first Skyhawk Card?

The Skyhawk Card is used for identification, access to residence halls, academic buildings and sporting events, and is used as a debit card for meal plans and other purchases on campus. Skyhawk Cards for new students are made in advance of fall move-in to minimize inconveniencing students with long lines and delays.

Each new student will receive a request by email in April to submit a photo to be used for the Skyhawk Card.

Your student will pick up their Skyhawk Card at the Skyhawk Card Office when they arrive on campus during move-in or during SOAR. If they are unable to obtain their card during move-in, the Skyhawk Card Office will be open during its normal business hours, which are: 8:00AM to 4:45PM, Monday through Friday. Need directions?

What debit spending options does UTM offer?

A UTM debit spending account functions in much the same way as a bank debit card. Funds are added to a debit spending account, which can be used at a number of campus locations to purchase various products and services. When a purchase is made using the Skyhawk Card, funds are automatically deducted from the debit account balance.

UTM offers students two types of debit spending accounts:

  • Skyhawk Silver can be used anywhere on campus where the Skyhawk Card is accepted for payment, which includes food and non-food purchases. Skyhawk Silver can also be used at select off-campus locations. Skyhawk Cash balances are carried over from semester-to-semester until your student graduates.
  • Meal Money (Captain's Cash) is available only to meal plan participants and is used for food purchases. Meal Money must be depleted by the end of each spring semester as it is a "use it or lose it" plan. If a meal plan is canceled or removed during a semester, Meal Money is forfeited.

Differences between Silver and Meal Money


No meal plan required

Can be used for food and non-food purchases

Can be used on campus only

Unused balance can be carried over year-to-year

Purchases are taxable

Meal Money (Captain's Cash)

Meal plan required

Can be used for food purchases only

Can be used at on campus eateries

Unused balance can not be carried over year-to-year ("Use it or lose it")

Purchases are non-taxable

What are my student's meal plan options?

Meal Plan options and details can be viewed at the Dining Services website.

ried over year-to-year ("Use it or lose it")

Purchases are non-taxable

How can my student add funds to their Skyhawk Card?

There are four ways in which funds can be added to your student's Skyhawk Card:

  • Online: Debit Card, Credit Card, Web Check (Log on to myUTMartin portal, click Deposits in Payments & Refunds box, select Skyhawk Card and enter amount).
  • Bursar's Office: Cash, Check. (Note: Any change over $5 needs to be rolled.) At the cashier windows-UTM One Stop Shop, Clement Hall, 2nd floor.
    The Skyhawk Card accepts personal checks without fees at any time. Checks should be made payable to UTM and mailed to:
    228 Clement Hall
    210 Hurt Street
    Martin, TN 38238

    Please be sure to include your student's name, student ID number, and the debit spending plan to which funds are to be added (i.e. Silver or Meal Money).
  • Valuports: Cash only. Two locations: Library (first floor computer lab) and University Center first floor.
Can my student remove cash from their Skyhawk Card?

Yes, however, there is $15 fee. No transfers or refunds may be made from Meal Money.

How can I see my student's debit spending activity?

There are three ways in which to view your student's spending activity:

  • Through Banner account.
  • You may request a transaction report from your student.
  • If the student has authorized you to view the student's account, the Skyhawk Card Office will supply you with the desired information. You may contact the Skyhawk Card Office at 731-881-4677.