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The University of Tennessee at Martin Mail Services is focused on providing timely, courteous mail services to and from faculty, staff, and students.

UTM Campus Building Street Addresses

Each Campus building has a street address which has been assigned by the city of Martin's 911 office.  Please click the following link to see each building's street address: UTM Campus Building Street Addresses

The UTM mailroom sorts and distributes incoming official mail to all faculty/staff, and mail for the students residing in the dormitories. The following information is provided as a quick guide to assist you in receiving and sending mail as quickly, cost effectively, and accurately as possible.

General Information

Hours of Operation

8:00 A.M. - 4:45 P.M. Monday through Friday

Zip Codes

38237 - City of Martin and The Reserve at Martin

38238 - Dorms, University Village, University Courts and Office

Post Office Boxes

Each student is given a mail box in their respective dormitories.

Residents of University Village and University Courts

UTM boxes in Clement Hall will be assigned.

Delivery and Pickups

Residence Halls Residents

Housing assigns dorm mail clerks to pick-up, sort, and distribute by 2 P.M. daily, Monday - Friday.

University Village and University Courts

UTM boxes in Clement Hall will be assigned. Mail will be in the boxes daily, except Saturday and Sunday by 2:00 PM

Faculty and Staff

9:00-10:30 A.M.

  • Daily departure time for outgoing mail is 12:00 PM
Important Links

Helpful Hints

Campus Residents

Include dorm name and room number on all correspondence.

Notify your dorm mail clerk if you go by a nickname or your middle name.

Notify all magazines, CD clubs, newspapers, etc. of impending changes of address.

Please check your assigned mail boxes regularly.

Faculty and Staff

Separate campus and stamped mail from official metered mail. (Please use at least two separate trays)

Campus Mail
  1. Include name, department, and building location of the recipient
  2. Deliver mail within your building
  3. Expect delivery and pickup between 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Promptly notify the Skyhawk Mail Services of location changes

Metered Mail

Attach the post office provided "Account Number Cards" to all metered mail.

The Skyhawk Mail Services is dedicated to providing quality services to the campus community.  For assistance call 881-7840.

Skyhawk Mail Services
Dot Dawson, Mail Services Supervisor
007 Clement Hall
The University of Tennessee at Martin
Martin, TN 38238