Official Mail

Mail is divided into two categories, Meter Mail and Campus Mail.

Meter Mail

Meter Mail is all official mail which must be metered and charged to Department accounts. This mail must be kept separate from CAMPUS Mail to ensure your account is only charged for postage on mail which is leaving the Campus. Meter Mail should be stacked and rubber banded so all letters are facing the same direction. Your account number should be on top. If you desire, the next time you have Department envelopes prepared, you may want to include your account number above your return address. (The reason to put it above the return address is so it will not be confused with the zip code). All overseas mail should be kept separate as special postal rates apply.

Campus Mail

Campus mail is any mail sent from one UTM Department to another on campus. Campus Mail should contain the Name and Department of the recipient. if the receiving department is in two or more building also include the building. The UTM Mail Services does not deliver to every office, therefore room numbers are not required nor desired since they only cause confusion when sorting.

Large Mail Outs

If a Department has a larger than normal mail out, Meter or Campus, please notify the UTM Mail Services so we can bring sufficient means to carry it back for processing. Larger Campus mail outs should be sorted and banded by dorm and/or department to expedite delivery. The UTM Mail Services does not have the personnel nor the assets to sort large mailings and guarantee speedy delivery.

Personal Mail

Personal outgoing mail should be kept with Campus Mail since it does not require metering. Receiving personal mail at UTM should not be a general practice. Utilizing UTM personnel to sort and deliver personal mail and packages is considered a form of waste, fraud, and abuse. Once you have a package sent to the "office" you also receive all catalogs, mailers, and advertisements since your office address is on the company's mailing list. You can make arrangements with your "home" post office to hold important or valuable mail you do not wish to leave at your residence.

Verify Official Mail Lists

It is requested that once a year each Department verify it's official mail, i.e. ensure you are receiving the proper number of copies of all catalogs, professional books, mailers, etc. It may be possible to reduce the number of current copies received or it may be necessary to request additional copies of certain items. If a staff member departs, his/her copy may no longer be required or the Department may wish to change the name to his/her replacement. If a staff member transfers to another department he/she may or may not require the same material and should change/delete their subscriptions as necessary. When a transfer occurs the UTM Mail Services does not know if the mail goes to the individual or the department and it confuses the mail sorter. This could be eliminated if the individual and the Department submits address changes to all subscriptions. Along these same lines, we may know an employee has left but, we do not know if any correspondence that comes in is mail you (the Department) may still require. Therefore, the mail will be delivered so the Department can make that determination.

Bulk Mail

Bulk mailing can save you considerable money, but strict guidelines must be adhered to. This mail should not be mixed with your regular Meter Mail. You will need to bring over 20 pieces of the mailing to have it weighed and have the paperwork filled out. Once done, you will be responsible for taking it to the downtown post office.

Office Closings

Please inform the UTM Mail Services if your Department will be closed at any time the Campus is normally working so arrangements can be made for holding or special pick-up.

Delivery Schedule

The UTM Mail Services usually delivers campus mail between 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM.  The UTM Mail Services employs one full time staff member and relies on student workers to perform sorting, delivery, and metering. We currently have 88 mail stops across campus and if a student worker is absent the schedule could easily become "OBE- Overcome By Events". Your understanding and consideration is appreciated.