(Must be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Care prior to the close of business during final exams.)

Professor identifies alleged Academic Dishonesty

Professor then

  • Determines Professorial penalty and Notifies students in writing [Via letter and/or email (Click here to see sample letter)] of the following:
    • Failing grade, failing course, etc.
    • The incident will be forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct
    • Make sure to include “whatever additional action deemed necessary” or “I request that no further action be taken.”
    • Include Grade Appeal Policy
  • Complete an online report and attach the following items: Syllabus, assignment(s) submitted or involved, and letter of notification to student about the incident.
Office of Student Conduct then determines:
  • Whether or not to pursue charges dependent upon Professional recommendation and previous student disciplinary record.
  • File it “For Information Only” – No charges brought against student.
  • Charge student with Academic Dishonesty
Consultation with Professor
  • To get further details of allegations, copies of paperwork, etc. (should additional action be requested).
Student meeting with Student Conduct Officer
  • Student has opportunity to state their side of the story.
  • Student will choose to either take responsibility and accept recommended sanction or request an APA or University Council appeal.
  • All academic appeals are heard before the University Council.
  • Board is composed of administrators, faculty, and students appointed by the Chancellor.
  • If council upholds Professor’s penalty, the case is terminated.
  • If the council recommends a different course of action, those recommendations are forwarded to the Chancellor for review*. The instructor may choose to accept or not accept the recommendations.

*The Chancellor may or may not agree to hear any additional statements regarding the incident provided the basic rights of the student has been safeguarded and/or upheld (due process).