The University of Tennessee at Martin has chosen as its primary objective quality education. Commitment to this objective must include an obligation by all members of the University community to promote and protect the highest standards of integrity in study, research, instruction, and evaluation. Dishonesty or unethical behavior does not belong at an institution dedicated to the promotion of knowledge and learning. Integrity of the academic process requires fair and impartial evaluation by faculty and honest academic conduct by students. A student may be found to have violated this obligation if he/she:

Disciplinary Actions

  1. First Offense may include but is not limited to one-year probation and an educational sanction.
  2. Second Offense, while on probation for a first offense, may include suspension. A second offense for a student no longer on probation for a first offense may include, but is not limited to, indefinite probation, follow-up appointments, community service, and educational sanctions.
  3. Third Offense, regardless of probationary status, may include suspension.