An advisement is used for minor infractions and consists of a restatement of the regulation with an official warning concerning future behavior and/or loss of certain University privileges for a specific period of time. An advisement issues recommendations to safeguard yourself from potential future violations.

Alcohol and Drug Assessment

An A & D assessment is to determine whether an addiction is present, the extent of the addiction, whether there are co-occurring conditions, and to assist in the development of a treatment plan. 

Community Service

Community service is a restorative penalty, which allows students the opportunity to contribute to our community in a positive manner. One option is UTM Recycling Center and University Center. The contact person for the UTM Recycling Center is Mr. Mike Davis, Facilities Supervisor, at 731.881.3077. If you would like to discuss additional opportunities, please contact 731.881.7703. Advance approval is required.

Disciplinary Probation

Disciplinary probation permits a student to remain at the University on probationary status but with the understanding that a future violation of the Standards of Conduct may result in suspension. Conditions of probation include loss of eligibility to join a student organization and to serve as an officer in a student organization. Other conditions are specific to the individual case and may include ineligibility to participate in certain student activities. Probation may be for a definite or indefinite period. *Special permission to join academic and/or service organizations will be considered on a case-by-case basis - contact this office to request permission.

Educational Requirement- TedEd

The Punishable Perils of Plagiarism-Melissa Huseman D'Annunzi: Completion of assigned video is due within 10 days of determination letter. Please ensure you register with the Ted Ed site for your answers to be sent to our office automatically upon completion. You will find the video at

  1. Register
  2. Sign-in
  3. Watch the video.
  4. Click on "Think" and answer questions.
  5. There are six multiple choice questions and one short answer. The short answer requires you to respond to a three-part question.
  6. Remember to hit "Save my answer" at the end for your results to be automatically sent to the office for review.
  7. Additional resources are found on the "Dig Deeper" tab.
Educational Requirement- eChug

E-CHUG is a computerized program that can be taken at the convenience of the student. It is used to assess individual drinking patterns, risk patterns, aspirations, goals, and provides useful resources to UTM students. All results must be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct and Care for review by emailing

The eCHUG course may be taken by following: Alcohol eCHECKUP TO GO at University of Tennessee at Martin (

Impact Statement

An Impact letter is a way to acknowledge the impact that the student’s actions have had on a specific person(s). The letter must be delivered to the Office of Student Conduct and Care within 10 days of the determination letter. Once reviewed, the letter will be forwarded to the appropriate party.

Loss of Privilege

Loss of Privilege is when a student loses or is restricted from university privileges.

Parental Notification

The university is legally obligated to provide a notice to parents in accordance with TCA 49-7-146. Specifically, a public institution of higher education shall notify a parent or legal guardian of a student under twenty-one (21) years of age, if the student has committed a disciplinary violation with respect to the use or possession of alcohol, a controlled substance, or a controlled substance analogue that is in violation of any federal, state or local law, or of any rule or policy of the institution, except as prohibited by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. Section 1232g).


Restitution is required when damage to property or persons is deemed the responsibility of the accused. Restitution must be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct and Care as a money order. The Office of Student Conduct and Care will ensure that appropriate party receives the restitution payment on behalf of the responsible party.


A warning is a notice that the student is violating or has violated the Standards of Conduct. A disciplinary warning is used for minor infractions and consists of a restatement of the Standard(s) of Conduct violated with an official warning concerning future behavior.