Where is Student Health and Counseling Services located?

Student Health and Counseling Services is located on the southeastern portion of campus, behind Cooper Hall and across from University Village Phase 1.

Do I need health insurance?

Student Health and Counseling Services does not file any insurance claims, but we strongly recommend insurance coverage for students in case medical services are rendered from an off-campus provider. The University of Tennessee offers a student accident and sickness insurance plan underwritten by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company.

Are there charges to use the services?

There is no charge for an office visit with the nurse practitioner, family planning services or counseling sessions. Minimal charges ranging from $3 - $20 are applied for some medications, supplies and labs.

If I have any charges, what form of payment is accepted?

All payments will be charged to your Banner account.

Who is eligible for services?

Students enrolled in online classes only are not eligible for services. If a student is under the age of 18, we must have a Consent for Treatment of Minors on file.

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