The Alumni Council is comprised of WestStar Alumni from across West Tennessee. The council helps plan alumni events and engage fellow alumni to participate in the Alumni Association.

Alumni County Coordinators

Bradley Arnold {2021-2024}

County: Gibson

Sybil Dancer {2019-2022}

County: McNairy

Kim Douglass {2020-2023}

County: Henderson

Kyle East, {2022-2025}

County: Crockett

Lindsay Frilling {2022-2025}

County: Obion

Richard Griggs {2020-2023}

County: Tipton

Patricia Jones {2021-2024}

County: Chester

Andrea Bond Johnson {2021-2024}

County: Haywood

Lee Johnston {2021-2024}

County: Lauderdale

Nichole Lawrence {2020-2023}

County: Carroll

Jack Matthis {2022-2025} - Chair

County: Gibson/Madison

Civil Watkins Miller {2021-2024}

County: Fayette

Lee Mills {2021-2024}

County: Shelby

Kasey Muench {2022-2025}

County: Henry

Sharron Murden {2019-2022}

County: Hardeman

Jennifer Perryman {2022-2025}

County: Hardin

Sandy Tarkington {2020-2023}

County: Dyer

Delaney Timberman {2021-2023}

County: Hardin