UTM Choro is an instrumental ensemble established to introduce musicians to Brazilian “Choro” music.  It provides a great opportunity for players wanting to improve on their reading and improvisation skills while learning about an exciting and expressive genre of music.   UTM Choro is open to students, faculty, and community.

What is Choro music?

Although the word “choro” means “cry” in Portuguese, the music itself is known for its upbeat and cheerful rhythms.  Emerging about 50 years before American jazz, Choro is the oldest musical grouping within Brazilian popular music, developed when urban musicians began merging polkas, waltzes, and mazurkas with Africanized rhythms.  

What are the instruments?

Choro welcomes all, but some of the more common are:  guitar, flute, mandolin, pandeiro, trombone, bass, oboe, clarinet, and hand percussion.  

Who can join?

Any student who plays. Choro can be demanding but well worth the reward. Students will gain experience in sight reading, performing, and methodical rehearsal techniques.

Want to know more or get involved?

Choro Ensemble is offered ‘by demand’ since it is dependent upon having at least one of the following of each.

If you are interested in playing, please contact Micah Barnes.