The Office of Purchasing is responsible for the proper accounting of equipment additions to plant. Custody and control of individual equipment items are delegated to the individual departments.

Moveable equipment purchased by or donated to the University must be properly tagged and inventoried. The University defines movable equipment as those items of a movable nature that cost $5,000.00 or more per unit and have a normal, useful life of one or more years, with the following exceptions:

The Departments are responsible for tagging, reporting, verifying and maintaining control of equipment inventory. The departments should update the description, room, building and serial numbers in IRIS.

The Computer Store tags all computers. The Computer Store prepares a Form T66 and provides a copy to the department. The Computer Store creates the assets for items purchased through the store $1500 or more.

The Purchasing Office processes equipment transfers and deletions upon receipt of a Form T-64 completed by the department.

Form T-64

Equipment Acquisition Report (Form T-66)

Surplus Form

Cost Center Change Form

Duplicate Tag Request Form

Equipment Request-Checkout Form

Inventory-Surplus Power Point 2024

Equipment Inv. Checklist - 2024