Our mission is to enhance learning and promote the development of healthy lifestyles through quality facilities, programs, and services for the campus community.


The Office of Campus Recreation aspires to stimulate student learning and development by providing quality recreational programs that encompass sport, fitness and leisure activities.

Core Values

Program Goals

  1. Provide recreation facilities, programs and services that enhance student life.
  2. Provide opportunities for student development and leadership experiences.
  3. Develop strategies for building a stronger, more dynamic Campus Recreation program
  4. Collaborate with other university departments and programs to provide wellness services for student success.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students who are employed by Campus Recreation will be able to demonstrate skills and behaviors that enable them to be effective in their student employment role and future professional positions.
  2. Students who engage in Campus Recreation programs and services will acquire skills, knowledge and behaviors that contribute to their quality of life.